Corporate Partnerships Sales Video

People working out

Text. As a company, you're only as good as your employees.

Text, So keeping them healthy and happy is everything.

Man and woman playing with two children in a kitchen.

Text. But everything has a price.

Clouds in a bright blue sky.

Text, 3 Trillion spent on health care every year.

So how do we lower the bill?

Exterior of Life Time Athletic

Text. Employees with Life Time memberships average 33.6% lower medical bills

A man lifts weights

Text, But it's about more than dollars and cents.

It's about making sense and doing right.

Woman on rowing machine.

Text, It's about providing a membership, a show of appreciation.

Woman in a pool.

Text, A place of betterment with everything to offer

Running on a treadmill. Playing tennis.

Text, Cutting-edge equipment, sports

Unlimited classes in yoga, cycle, group fitness, and more.

Hot stone massage.

Text, Life spa.

Life Cafe

For you, for family.

Family eating together.

Because if we're only as good as our employees, it's time we do better by those who keep us going.

A woman hugs a child. They do pushups together.

Text, Invest in what matters most

Life Time Corporate Partnerships

Lower Healthcare Costs, Employee Appreciation, Turn-Key Administration

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