What is an Onboarding Session?

For the Onboarding Session, we would connect you with one of our trainers who are certified to meet specifically with our new members. They are able to find out a bit more about what you are looking for, and how we can best assist. They also offer you to pick between one of the following:

1) A movement screen – this tests how your body moves in relation to the foundational movements your body does in a gym, as well as ways to modify those movements to better suit you and your individual needs

2) An equipment orientation – this gives you a basic understanding of the equipment and how to use it

3) A Foundational Movement workout – the trainer puts you through a workout based on the foundational movement patters

The trainer you meet with will be able to help clarify the details of those, and make recommendations on what they think would be best! They will also help you plan what your workout week should look like based on your individual interests and goals.

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