Amp Sculpt

Sculpt to the Rhythm

Feel your energy rise as you pedal to the beat and move through choreographed cardio and upper-body-sculpting moves.

What to Expect

This class blends the music-driven cycling moves found in our AMP class with on-the-bike strength training. You’ll get your heart rate up while riding to the rhythm before transitioning to a sculpting section to tone your upper body muscles, going back and forth between the two until you end sweaty, stronger and smiling. To fit the dance-club vibe, we’ll darken the room and may use strobes and flashing lights; consult your doctor if you have a photosensitivity disorder or are prone to seizures.

Woman in Amp Sculpt class





Indoor Cycling Bike, Dumbbells


Water, Cycling Shoes (optional; all bikes have clips or cages that can fit any athletic shoe)


50 minutes


Why it Works

The combination of cardio and strength helps to increase your endurance, sculpt your muscles and give you an effective, full-body workout. Plus, pedaling along to upbeat music with a dynamic instructor and fellow cyclists makes your 50-minute workout fly by. 


Instructor leading a cycle class

Where it All Happens

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