Edge Sculpt

Ride and Sculpt to Your EDG

Set to a soundtrack of motivating music, this class blends fun and focus, combining high-intensity interval training cardio, strength-training segments and performance-focused technology.

What to Expect

You’ll track metrics like heart rate, RPMs and power output as you cycle, enabling you to accurately push yourself through a mix of high-intensity cardio and resistance-training moves. You’ll go through cardio challenges, then use upper-body-weight-training as your active recovery, alternating between the two until you’ve ridden to your EDG. Flashing lights may be used; consult your doctor if you have a photosensitivity disorder or are prone to seizures.


EDG Cycle Class





Indoor Cycling Bike, Dumbbells, Figure-8 Tubing


Water, Cycling Shoes (optional; all bikes have clips or cages that can fit any athletic shoe)


50 minutes


Why it Works

Like our EDG class, this workout is designed to train your cardiorespiratory system by taking you through various intervals, while the addition of weights and bands adds both strength and toning benefits. The inclusion of metrics and music makes this a smart, lively and efficient full-body workout.


Instructor teaching an edge sculpt class

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