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Power cycle

Achieve Your Goals

Cyclists and endurance athletes come together for a class designed to strengthen your training routine. If you’re aiming for your next PR, this is the class for you.

What to Expect

You’ll put your endurance and strength to the test with challenges and drills based on watts and heart-rate-monitor technology to prepare you for the outdoor race season. Measure your functional threshold power (FTP) periodically throughout the year to improve performance. 


Man riding a bike in Power class





Indoor Cycling Bike


Water, Heart-Rate Monitor (optional), Cycling Shoes (optional; all bikes have clips or cages that can fit any athletic shoe)


60-120 minutes (see your club location for details)


Why it Works

Your FTP protocol, combined with heart-rate training, allows you to track progress with each class for continuous improvement on the bike — and the race course.


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Where it All Happens

Find unique and thoughtfully designed studio spaces all under one roof, all dedicated to building a healthier you.

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