SOL Guided Yoga - Transcript for Captions

The word soul simply means sun. We all have this light that lives within us, and we're all truly meant to shine.

Sol is a guided vinyasa class. The teacher will be with you the entire time. This class is for every body literally that walks into the room. Whether it's connecting to your breath whether it's holding a posture, whether it's going through the vinyasas of the class.

You're going to find some new ways of getting into your yoga body. You feel a little freer. You will feel a little lighter. And the beautiful thing is there's going to be something new that you also learn.

You're going to find your home in this class. Yoga is everything if you think about it. And it's a beautiful thing about coming to a class at Life Time.

SOL Guided Yoga – Transcript for Audio Description

Text, Sol guided. Drawing of a sunrise.

Smiling individuals in yoga poses.

People move into Downward Facing Dog.

They hold one leg straight.

They reposition to tree pose.

Text, Life Power Yoga. Drawings of the sun, a river, wind, the earth.

Life Time