Photo and Video

Life Time champions healthy, happy lives through both photography and video. To do this, we capture in-the-moment, authentic emotions and experiences.


It is full of life and emotion. Authentic, but still high-end. It reflects the diversity of ages, genders, races, body types and personal journeys represented in our members and team members.


Our spaces are so special, they almost feed sacred. We showcase the purposeful details, materials and the emotional essence of the spaces in a elegant, inviting way.



Team members are the soul of Life Time. The photography lets their unique energy and personalities shine — but with polish and finesse, of course.


Key Characteristics

Close view of women’s legs in a yoga studio at Life Time


Intentional, but natural

Beautifully highlight the forms of bodies, objects and spaces. Set the tone for the scene.

Side profile of a woman smiling


Approachable, but not messy

Showcase people with glowing skin — a sign of good health. Food looks real and natural.

Close view of a book and pair of glasses on a table next to an armchair


Purposeful, but simple

Use props with purpose. Make a scene look realistic but not too busy.

A ham, egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin


Polished, but still authentic

Show the best version of reality. Clean up and polish the images without overproducing them.

Color Profile

Close view of a rolled white towel on a marble countertop


Bright and crisp, like a brightly lit window or marble.

Wood floor color example

Browns & Tans

Warm and rich, like a new wood floor.

Life Time greens color example of grass


Fresh and alive, regardless of tone, like lush greenery.

Sky blue color example


Whether light or dark, it has life. Never sterile or cold.

Close view of the weight setting on a weight machine

Blacks & Greys

Rich and slightly cool to accentuate warm tones, like skin.

Close view of a basketball going into a basketball hoop

Other Colors

Lively, but not hyper-saturated or garish to maintain a natural feel.


We require WCAG AA compliance and strive for AAA compliance. Video content must have corresponding captions or audio descriptions and proper transcripts. Please consult with LT Motion for help or questions on accessibility standards for video.

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