Life Time creates consistent, compelling communications across all channels — and typography helps bring the message to life. Our brand typefaces are Helvetica Neue LT Std and its digital sister font, SF Pro. 


Example of type in Life Time branded content shown in an iPhone


Fonts Helvetica Neue LT Std 45
SF Pro Heavy*/Regular
*See Note Below
Tracking Slightly Expanded
Leading Slightly Condensed
Example of type in Life Time branded content shown in an iPhone

Labels & Accents

Fonts Helvetica Neue LT Std 45 or 75

SF Pro Regular or Semibold
Tracking Very Expanded
Leading n/a — never two lines

*Note on SF Pro Heavy

Some of our legacy web type styles still use SF Pro Heavy. Our desire is to move to SF Pro Regular in the future.

Common Treatments

Hierarchy based
on scale

Because our type is primarily light weight, scale is a good way to create hierarchy.

Use Eyebrows

We love a good eyebrow. It’s a great way to incorporate a short snippet of text.


Selective bold can highlight things within copy.

Using a slightly heavier weight is a helpful way to call out an important element, like CTAs or key points.


But you can still get creative

Sometimes a project calls for a unique type treatment. ECD must approve these instances.



We require WCAG AA compliance an strive for AAA compliance. You can test the accessibility of type in various colors over any image here.

We require WCAG AA compliance and strive for AAA compliance. Video content must have corresponding captions or audio descriptions and proper transcripts. Please consult with LT Motion for help or questions on accessibility standards for video.

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