The Inspirational Expert

It is the embodiment of the energy and knowledge that is a part of every experience with Life Time.

At a Glance

From the motivational words of Life Time performers and trainers, to the proactive and sincere service of team members throughout the club, the Inspirational Expert serves to communicate the smart and helpful information that is in tune with your needs.

Is your champion and a knowledgeable, caring coach.

Acknowledges that it takes support, commitment and time to make healthy, sustainable change.

Knows that health has many facets  — physical, mental, social and emotional.

Speaks with empathy, energy and clarity, so you know exactly what it means.


Two parts working together….

Smiling woman working out at Life Time

Inspiring through empathy.

Every day we motivate people to make positive change in their lives.  From trainers, instructors and coaches in the clubs to the designs of our programs and spaces. The Life Time experience is built on understanding what moves people towards action and creating positive energy. Our brand voice is just as inspiring.

Is motivating, compassionate and nurturing 

Knows the power of community and the value of meaningful relationships.

Speaks with energy and emotion

Understands the importance of fun, humor and creativity without being flippant.

Undeniably Human

Aware that we are all imperfect. By showing vulnerability can inspire others to embrace their own imperfections.

Smiling woman working out at Life Time

Based in fact and grounded in research.

We have decades of experience giving people healthy information and guidance. From group instruction to personalized lifestyle programs. Many people count on the expert advice from Life Time Team Members to reach their goals and ultimately transform their lives. Our brand voice taps into this expertise and delivers it daily.

Always clear, succinct and objective

Knows that pure information is the best way to help people make the right decision for them.

Explains the “why” behind the “what” 

Uses deeper information to help build a knowledge base for audience and provide long-lasting value.

Prioritizes accuracy 

Shares knowledge to help audience make significant, sustainable steps on their personal health journey.


Striking a Balance

In all of our communications, we strive to strike the right balance between “inspirational” and “expert.” The weight of one over the other can vary depending on the context of the communication, the channel and the audiences’ needs and/or state of mind.

Silver Life Time company brand logo that says Life Time Healthy Way of Life
Tip: Consider the Context

To be effective communicators, we must always consider the context of any message. Ask “Who is our audience? What do they need? What information will help them most at this moment?” The channel of the message impacts the context greatly. Ask yourself, “How is this channel best suited to deliver this message in a way that is valuable and actionable?”