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Get a complete picture of what’s happening inside and a personalized plan with comprehensive assessments, lab tests and health technologies.

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Put Science to Work & Get Better Results

Unique factors like metabolism, hormone levels and food sensitivities can impact your progress. Learn what is affecting your body and get a nutrition and exercise program that’s personalized and effective.

Specialty Lab Testing

Comprehensive Tests

Better understand your cardiovascular profile, hormones, inflammation, glucose levels and more. Receive unmatched detail for a custom exercise and nutrition plan.

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivities can disrupt your body, showing up as digestive issues, weight gain, rashes and chronic nasal congestion. Find out what foods are right or wrong for you.

Stress & Resilience

Experiencing sleep issues, weight gain or belly fat? Our tests will tell you what’s up with your body and how your stress response could be affecting your overall wellness.

Metabolic Assessments

ActiveMetabolic Assessment℠

Make better use of your workout time. Our assessment will find your unique heart rate zones, so you know when to amp the effort and keep your body burning stored body fat.

RestingMetabolic Assessment℠

It’s easier to manage your weight when you know how many calories you burn daily. With this assessment, you’ll learn how your natural metabolism is helping or hindering your goals.

Lab Specialists

Work together to achieve weight loss and better health. Our Fitness Professionals, Registered Dietitians and Lab Specialists will help you choose which assessment is right for you, review your results and provide a clear action plan.

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