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Your Club, Their Adventure

While you use the club, babies, kids and tweens learn and play. Discover classes, sports, events– all in one fun place.

A cute little girl with other kids in a dance class

Your ‘You’ Time. Their Fun Time.

We’ll watch, teach and play with your child every day, plus give your whole family extra fun time with special events. Our caring, qualified staff are all about making Life Time a fun place for kids.

A smiling baby boy in a pool


Tummy Time

Let’s build those little muscles. We’ll help your baby learn how his or her body moves while hanging out with other peanuts.

Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development

Babies will giggle, grab and roll over in no time as we engage them and encourage movement, interaction, sitting up and more.

Sensory Exploration

Exploring new worlds is so exciting. We’ll engage your child in sensory play, working mind and muscle.

Parallel Play

Playing with others is a great way for babies to develop social and motor skills. Your child can play freely with and near friends around his or her age.


There’s nothing sweeter than story time. We set the stage for strong readers by reading imaginative and classic stories.

Family Swim

Splashing around together in our zero-entry pools can get your child comfortable and confident in the water.

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Imaginative Play

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild in our toddler room that features puppet theatres, play kitchens, train tables, doll houses and more.

Create & Build

Do you have a little engineer? We’ll throw their curiosity into high gear as we create everything from tall towers to cars using blocks, toys and more.

Educational & Fitness Activities

Build a passion for fitness early. Tumbling, obstacle courses and fitness exercises help your kids increase strength, motor skills and coordination.

Music Move & Groove

Make beautiful music. We’ll support your child’s love of making noise through musical instrument exploration and singing.

Family Swim

Throw on your swimsuits. Once you’re splashing around in the zero-entry pool together, you’ll wonder who is having more fun.

A girl punching in a martial arts class

Pre-School & Grade School


We’ll help your little bundles of energy slow down and appreciate the power of rest, conscious movement and flexibility while holding poses.


Our Martial Arts masters will teach your young grasshoppers the proper way to strike, kick, block and show respect for others.


Admit it. Your kids are little dancing machines. We’ll promote their passion for dance while teaching them beautiful ballet and even hip-hop moves.


Your kids will learn balance, build better coordination and tumble to their heart’s content in our specially designed gymnastics studio.

Sports Skills

Game on. Your budding athlete will learn the fundamentals of multiple sports while playing games against friends.

Spanish Immersion

Our Spanish-speaking instructor makes language fun through visual aids, crafts, games, music, vocabulary and dance.

Arts & Crafts

Break out the paints and craft supplies. Your kids can create their next mini masterpieces for your fridge.


Your kids can show off their musical side through instrument exploration, vocal expression and performance.


We’ll help start healthy habits by teaching your children about proper nutrition to help them grow big and strong.

Play equipment in a child center

Kids Academy

Our clubs feature spaces created just for kids. Infant areas keep our littlest members separate from energetic toddlers and grade-schoolers. Dedicated studios provide room for yoga, art, dance and more.

Learn from a Guru

Our Kids Academy gurus are highly qualified instructors who care deeply about kids and love what they do. Each is a babysitter, coach and teacher rolled into one – giving your kids the best experience every day.

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