Fun for Kids, Easy for Parents

All summer long, and whenever school’s out, your kids can have fun with us. Make Life Time your school-break backup plan.

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When School’s Out, Life Time Is In

Kids play and learn with us whenever school is out – all year round. With our fun, thoughtful activities and caring supervision, you’ll look forward to breaks as much as the kids do.

Break Camps

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Summer Camps

Make summer memories. Every week features a new theme and related crafts, activities and games.

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School Breaks

Kids stay busy, active and having fun during winter, spring and holiday breaks in a safe, stimulating environment.

Summer Camp Weekly Themes


Get dirty and totally GROSSED out. If you like eyeballs, worms and vomit, this is the week for you.

Campfire Stories

Gather around the fire, bring the s’mores and pitch your tent. It’s Campfire Stories week.

Spy Academy

Campers spend the week on a secret mission analyzing fingerprints and using their trusty magnifying glasses.

Survivor Training

We’ll put on our survival hats to turn dirty water clean, track the weather and lead the way with our compasses.

Under the Sea

It’s a starfish! It’s a shark! We’ll explore underwater creatures as we venture through the world below.

Foam Battles

Foam for the win! This week, we’ll foam-battle it out, creating our own bunkers, targets and obstacle course.

Culinary Creations

Take it to the kitchen and create chef hats, work on healthy recipes and dabble in pantry science.

Galaxy Wars

Space explorers gear up for galactic games, create telescopes and Milky Way play dough, and design solar systems.

It’s a Thingamajig

Masterpiece makers get creative, designing roller coasters, building bridges and powering a car with air.

Game On!

Fast, clever, brave or just FUN, every camper will enjoy these wacky, competitive and cooperative games.

Snap, Crackle, Explode!

Don’t worry, parents. We’re just creating mini, messy explosions! Join this week for a blasting good time.

Pack Your Passport

Explore around the world as fearless travelers design airplane launchers, “passports” and trinkets from other countries.

Ninja Warrior

Campers unleash their inner ninja warriors this week with throwing stars, bots, stress balls and fidget spinners.

Amazing Leaders for Awesome Camps

Our caring, creative, energetic staff bring the fun to every camp. We’re excited to get messy, inspire ideas, try new things and get moving with your kids.

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