Oakbrook Video – Transcript for Captions


Oakbrook Video – Transcript for Audio Description

Text, Life Time, Healthy Way of Life.

A woman walks past a reception desk. The sign on the wall reads Life Time Athletic.

Lounge areas with comfortable chairs. A steam room with reclining seating.

A yoga studio with mats. People doing yoga. A woman uses a weight machine and receives coaching.

A large area filled with weight equipment. A room filled with stationary bicycles. Women riding the cycles in class. Women weightlifting. Men punching the air, lifting weights.

People in [Pilates]/PAHLAATIYZ/ class. Women lifting weights, dancing.

A basketball court. Men playing basketball.

An indoor swimming pool. An outdoor pool with water slides. A girl slides into the pool. Children dive into the pool.

A woman relaxes in a hot tub. A hair salon. A woman cuts hair.

A woman massages another woman's lower legs. A man massages a woman's shoulders.

A locker room with wooden lockers. Weight equipment.

Exercise equipment.

A yoga studio.

A drawing of the outside of the building. The sign reads Life Time Athletic.

Text, Life Time, healthy way of life, coming to Oakbrook.