Southdale Video – Transcript for Captions


Southdale Video – Transcript for Audio Description

Text, Life Time, Healthy Way of Life.

The Life Time buildings around a large parking lot.

The first building has a sign that reads Life Time Work. The building is gray with brown accents and silver letters. It has a green roof.

The next area of the building has an expansive rooftop area with two swimming pools, including covered areas and greenery. The sign at the main entrance reads Life Time in silver letters.

The side of the building is made of large concrete blocks with lots of paneled windows and glass doorways. The building is three stories high.

The parking area has two levels.

A closer view of the rooftop swimming pools with deck chairs, covered areas, and flowering trees.

Another close view of the swimming pools. People in swimsuits walk by people laying in deck chairs in the shade.

Another rooftop section has many varieties of outdoor seating, tables and chairs, upholstered benches, all surrounded by planters of flowering plants and trees. People stroll around the area.

A rooftop [bocce]/BAACHIY/ court with seating areas beyond it, including blue Adirondack chairs and a line of cabanas with white curtains.

The Life Time Work sign.

Rooftop seating areas with tables, some covered.

A closer view of the rooftop seating areas with tables. People in business clothing chat with each other.

A sign on the building reads Southdale Center. Another view of the entire rooftop area, with the pool area to the left and the work area to the right. Life Time Work and Life Time signs are visible on the roof.

Flying over the building and large parking areas.

Inside, a white marble reception desk with a cafe on the far wall. A sign reads Life Cafe. Behind the desk are elevators. Much of the ceiling is filled with crystalline lighting.

Stairs sit next to the elevators. The men's locker room is visible down the hall, as is the Life Spa.

On the other side of the desk and elevators is the Women's locker room and the Life Cafe.

Inside the Life Cafe, white marble tables, booths, and bar seating. The food service area is against the far wall. To the left are refrigerators holding drinks and chilled food, as well as a pantry area stocked with snacks and merchandise.

The Life Cafe from other angles. The floor is gray wood. The ceiling includes wooden accents and recessed lighting.

The Life Spa. A wooden reception desk, blue easy chairs. Shelving on the far walls holds beauty products.

Behind the reception desk is a hair salon with wooden drawers, large mirrors, and a sign that says, Smile. Be Yourself. Be Kind. Keep it Simple. This is your life. Live it. It's your body. Love it.

An elegant seating area with yellow chairs, ornamental screens, marble tables, soft lighting.

A locker room with wooden lockers. At the end of each row of lockers is shelving stocked with white towels.

Two sink area with white marble counter, large mirrors, and bright decorative lighting. The areas are separated by square, dark stone arches.

Two whirlpools with steps. The walls are grey marble.

Indoor swimming pools. One pool has divided lanes.

A seating area with sofas near the pools. A smaller soaking pool.

A lounge area with sofas, easy chairs, and white marble desks with stools.

A hallway with upholstered benches. The door to the cycle room and Studio 3, which has wooden floors with gray mats and barre equipment.

The inside of the cycle room, filled with stationary bikes. The lighting is pink. In front of the room are large screens showing people cycling.

The studio is lined with gray mats, each with a weight. The walls are mirrored and have barres along the mirrors.

A simple area with cubbies and a reception desk. A red sign reads Life Time Kids.

Inside the children's area, a sign hangs from the ceiling that reads, Tot Spot. Shelving with colorful baskets surrounds a large screen showing cartoons. Colorful equipment on the floor.

A second room has tables a chairs. A third room has gymnastic equipment.

A fourth room has round green tables with matching benches and shelves.

A children's basketball court.

An elegant, dark-paneled hallway with wooden floors and soft lighting. Cubbies are interspersed with upholstered benches with blue cushions.

The yoga studio with marble walls and large windows. Dark grey mats with towels on them line the floor.

A large [Pilates]/PAHLAATIYZ/ room.

A large area filled with treadmills, ellipticals, stair-climbing machines, and other equipment.

A reception desk has a sign above it that lists the Life Time exercise programs. Behind the desk, stairs descend to a lower floor.

A large area with weight lifting equipment.

A double story glass hallway. The sign on the entrance reads Life Time Sport.

Two indoor soccer fields sit on either side of the large hallway. Blue bleachers sit against the far wall.

On a mezzanine above the fields is a seating area and a wooden table with tall benches overlooking the field.

Text, Life Time, Healthy Way of Life.