Frontenac Video – Transcript for Captions


Frontenac Video – Transcript for Audio Description

Zooming in on a two-story building with a large sign that reads Life Time Athletic.

A screen inside shows a man doing yoga. The screen reads, Find your focus.

Around the screen are stairs that lead up to the second floor. A large area filled with treadmills, ellipticals, and other equipment.

Two pools with divided lanes and diving platforms.

A dark paneled room with easy chairs and soft lighting.

A cycle room. A screen reads, Push it to the edge.

An outdoor pool surrounded by deck chairs.

A [Pilates]/PAHLAATIYZ/ room.

A large area with tables and chairs. At the far end is a cafe.

Weight equipment.

An elegant locker room with wooden lockers. Shelves at the end of each row of lockers hold white towels. A row of sinks with large mirrors.

A children's area with tables, chairs, shelving.

Weight equipment.

A studio with blue mats on the floor. One side is mirrored with a barre. Equipment and water bottles sit on the mats.

A yoga studio. A basketball court.

The Life Time sign over the main entrance.

Text, Life Time, Healthy Way of Life.