Chappaqua Video – Transcript for Captions


Chappaqua Video – Transcript for Audio Description

Life Time athletic. A stone facade of a long building. A reception area with flowers on the desk.

Elegant couches and a coffee table.

Behind the seating area, double doors open into another area.

Reception desk, Life Spa

Comfortable chairs with stools in front of them for pedicures

Another seating area decorated in brown and yellow

Moving down the hall past several rooms. A massage table with a sheet

A seating area with ottomans and a TV

Moving through other double doors into a children's play area

Play equipment with stairs, a slide, and a jungle gym

A nursery with blocks and toys.

Round tables surrounded by benches

A crib and several baby bouncers with mobiles

Low tables and brightly colored chairs. A cutout of a cartoon character

Life Cafe. Food service area with fridge and menu. Areas to sit and eat with tables, booths, and stools

Exterior, Life Cafe. A porch and outdoor seating area

Traveling up stone steps into another reception area

A gym full of exercise equipment. benches, dumbbells and free weights, and weight machines

Many complicated machines with ladders and bars

Lines of treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes

Rowing machines

A room with cubbies on the wall leads into a yoga studio with mats and towels laid out

Another studio with kettle bells, dumbbells, water bottles, and resistance bands at each mat

Exercise bikes lined up in front of two bikes at the front. A towel rests on each bike's handlebars

Rows of wooden lockers and neatly stacked white towels

A low door leads into a bathroom with gleaming countertops

A 3 foot pool with a mechanized lift

Wooden sauna

A steam room

Life Time Athletic building exterior

Text, Love your life. Life Time, healthy way of life