Greenway Flythrough v2




A long windowed building surrounded by trees. Sign, Life Time. A modern reception area with light marble desk. A reception area in front of a salon. Sign, Life Spa.

Mirrored stations for hair cutting, manicures, passage pedicure chairs, shampooing chairs. Bottles of hair products on shelves.

A lounge area with yellow easy chairs and ottomans. A dimly lit room with a massage table. A bar and dining area with funky light fixtures and dark marble bar. Dining area with long rectangular wooden tables and smaller white round marble tables. A lounge area with ample seating on leather sofas and chairs, with study desks. A hallway passing through wood paneled locker room changing areas with benches, folded towels on shelves. Sink area with large mirrors and bright lighting, bottles of products on counter.

A hot tub. A wooden steaming sauna. A reception area. An upstairs lounge area with half circle shaped sofas. Rows of treadmills and stationary bicycles in a large room.

waiting area near shoe cubbies. A dimly lit wood floor room with rows of yoga mats laid out. Yoga equipment in shelves on walls.

Children's play area with colorful toys, games and climbing structures. Child sized tables and chairs and bean bags near shelves of books. A basketball court. An infant's nursery. Rows of treadmills in a smaller room with screens on the wall. Rows of weight machines. A large wood floor room with aerobic steps and kettle bell weights laid out in rows. A large mirrored wood floor room with yoga mats and weights laid out. A large wood floor room with yoga mats and balls laid in a circle. Stationary bicycles. A spacious area filled with weight machines.

Reception area sign, L T Recovery. A large basketball court. Exterior swimming pool with racing lanes and diving boards. Shaded lounge areas near the pool.with sofas and tables. Aerial view of the two pools. Exterior of building, Sign, Life Time, Love your life.