Intro to Kickboxing – Transcript


Hi, I'm Heather. This is your Life Time 10 minute Intro to Kickboxing workout. Now I love kickboxing because it gives you strength, gives you cardio, and you bring out your bad self. Are you ready? So let's warm up.

Start with a bob and weave. Your hands come to your face and your elbows are down. You bob and weave by going through a squat and coming up. Down and up, right here. All right. Now this little squat, this little bob and weave, the reason we're doing this is we're getting out of the way. So if your opponent comes up to you you're just sliding out of the way.

Now add your hip right here. Hip. Hip. This is the power behind all of your punches, your hips. So you've got to move your hips when you add your punch. Now squat down and up right here. Up. Elbows pointing down. The reason we have our hands up is to block your face, to protect your face. Elbows point down or protect your torso. Two more squats.

Now stand up and turn your right hip and left hip. Hip. Punch towards me, it's called a jab. Reach, reach. Hands come quickly back to your face. Jab. You're just teasing your opponent. Four more right here. Three. Now keep the same motion but bring it across your body it's called a cross. Cross, cross. Now notice, the motion is coming from my hips first. You too, you've got to turn your hips for power. You extend your arm about 95%. You want to protect your joints. Last set, eight, seven, six.

Yes, from here you have uppercut. Punch under their chin. Under, under. The elbows are bent. Hands come back to your face. Get under their chin, last set. Eight, seven. Yes.

You have right knee, three march, then left knee, three march. Right here. Knee then knee. Hands stay up to your face. Bring your knee to the side. Side. So this is a modification for a kick we'll call roundhouse. You add your kick but keep it low. Your shoe laces hit your target. Four more right here. Four. You turn your bottom knee out, three. Turn your knee out, two.

Now jump rope. You can march or you can jump. You choose. Turn slightly to the left. I want your right foot forward, left foot back. This is boxer stance. Right jab, left cross slowly. Jab, cross. Punching towards me. Hands come back to your face. This is round one. Jab, cross. Two more times.

Once you got this, you pick up the pace. Ready, let's go. Jab, cross. Now notice, I'm picking up my back heel. I'm turning my left hip. You got to do the same for power. Jab, cross, jab, cross, jab, cross. Keep with me. I'll show you two times, it's jab, cross, slip. It looks like this, get out of the way.

Ready, join me. Jab, cross, slip. That slip is a little squat. You're getting out of the way. Stay with this. We'll add on because you're smart. You got to keep your head in the game. Down. I'll say it first. Jab, cross, slip, pulse squat for two. Jab, cross, slip, pulse squat for two. Jab, cross, slip, pulse squat. Hands stay up, notice that.

Right, down, down, boom, boom, get low. Now that you know it. I want you to make this bigger. Get down, come on. Boom, boom, get low. Jab, cross, slip, get low. Yes!

Now there is power behind all of your movement. You got to have intention. Game face on. Get low, one more time. You got it. Jump rope to the other side. Left foot is forward, boxer stance, hands up. Jab and cross. Slow, here it is. Jab, cross, same thing on this side. Jab, cross, you're turning this right hip for power. Pick up your back heel. Two more. Last time, pick it up, go. Jab, cross.

Hands come back to your face. Boom, go on, say it, boom! Remember, jab, cross, slip, go. Out of the way. Jab, cross, slip. Yes, listen up, jab, cross slip, double squat pulse. Jab, cross, slip, squat, remember? Yes, stay with me. Again, jab, cross, slip. Now you've got this.

I want to make this a little different because you're smart and you did it on the left side, you did it on the right side, I'll show you two times. So stay here, watch me. Squat, switch. This is your second time now do it with me. Jab, cross, slip, squat, jump. Again. Yes, heart rate's coming up. Jab, cross, slip. Three more. Boom! Two more. Boom! Last time, ha!

Ready, jump rope, face towards me, you got it. Yes. Next comes a right elbow to the side. Hands to your face. Step your right foot out and in. Add your elbow. Add your elbow, elbow. You have to right elbow, left knee. Elbow, knee. Yes. Elbow, knee, elbow.

Now your new comes to the side like this. Getting ready for your roundhouse kick, remember those in you warm up? Elbow, kick, elbow, kick, elbow. Make this as big as you can. Power behind your elbow making contact with someone. Two more. Last one, that uppercut right, left, right here.

Yeah, stay here with me. We will add those together because you got it. So I'll say it first, I'll show you, then you do it, listen up. Elbow, roundhouse, uppercut, uppercut. Elbow, roundhouse, up, let's go. Elbow, Kick. Again, boom. Now notice your heart rate should be coming up and we're not even jumping, right.

Yeah, that's cause you got power. Don't you feel strong? Yeah, come on. Kick. Get it. Kick. Uppercut. Now remember, you're turning your hips right here, yeah. Elbow, kick, up. Almost there, the halfway mark. Yes, elbow, kick.

How about two more right here? Elbow, kick, last time. Keep you uppercut right here. This is option one. Option two are flurries. They look like this. Bend your knees, arms do not stop. Do not punch yourself in front of you. Stay low, as fast as you can. Last set, heartbeat comes up, eight, seven, come on. I'm with you.

You step your left foot out and in. Out. Other side. You add your left elbow, ready? Ha. Again. Elbow. Left elbow, right knee. Elbow, knee, elbow, yes. Elbow. Bring your knee to the side. So this is a modification. If you want, what can you do? Roundhouse kick. Boom, boom, elbow, kick. Two more times.

Last time, uppercut left and right, go. Oh, turning your hips, yeah. Stay here. Breathe. Elbow, kick, uppercut, uppercut. Elbow, kick, let's do this. Elbow, kick, up, up. Elbow, boom. Up, yeah. Elbow, kick, up, up. Get power behind all your motions, come on. Boom.

Fire in your eyes. Yes, boom, boom, up, up, hit, kick, woo! We got it. We are so strong together. Two more. Elbow, kick, last time. Keep your upper cut right here, upper stay here. Woo!

You ready for that last burst? You have your flurry, flurries, hit it. Pulse. You have eight, seven, six, four, three. Break, turn your hips. Breathe, let your heart rate go down. Circle your elbow. Elbow, yeah. We're going to stretch, cool down, but keep moving. Four, three. woo. Cool, stay here.

Bring your right foot forward, heel is forward. Hips push back stretching your hamstring. Tap your toes, flex them. Come up. Switch your legs. Left foot forward. Flex your heel, hips back, point your toe and back. Stand all the way up. Grab a hold of your hands behind your, clasp your fingertips, roll your shoulders back. Open your chest. Ah, that feels good.

Release, interlace your fingers chin to chest. You did an awesome job. Keep up your hard work. This class is fierce and so are you. We'll see you in other classes. Thanks for joining me in Intro to Kickboxing. Bye.