Quick Cardio Kickbox – Transcript

Hands right here to guard. Brace your core. Just rock side to side. Let's get started. I only have you for 20 minutes. So we're going to get going, all right? Good. Four, three, jab to the front right. All right, so you guys know, you are right into a zone one, OK? Rock side to side. Kick, kick, good. Engage your core.

You're going to come right back. Jab to the front. Let's go. Jab. Cross. All right, zone one. Won't be long. And we'll be into zone two. We'll qualify that heart rate up to threshold. We'll back it back down. You'll have plenty of intervals. Uppercut. Let's go. Right under the chin. Opposite armed guards. Good. Let's warm up the upper body.

I'll get you moving. Don't worry. You got it. And, again, four, three, hook it right, left. Let's go. Right. Now right across the cheek. You've got this. Give me just four more. Awesome. Where's your core? You got 20 minutes of working right there as well. Right leg forward. Left leg back. Jab, cross. Let's go. Jab, cross. Good, you guys. Shoulders back and down. And, again, four more, just like that. OK, we're going to pick this up just a little bit faster. And you're going to go jab, cross, upper. One, two, upper, hold. Awesome.

Now, get up on the toes just a bit. Good, good. One, two, hit, upper. And, again, give me one more. And then you're going to shuffle forward. Let's pick up the heart rate. Let's go. Right here. Jab, cross, upper. Good. Zone one. We're going to say goodbye to that. Zone two. Feeling comfortable still. And you're moving. Good. Still warming. So, again, go again, four more. Up. Jab, cross, upper.

Take it right back. So you got one more just like that, yes? Still working the upper body. Come on back. Jab, cross, upper. Now, just jab, just jab. Picking it up. You got it. Nice and light on the toes. Heart rate still climbing. Good. When you're ready, front stance, shuffle over. Uppercut. One, two, three. Good. Come on back. Same thing goes. Now, while we're moving and picking up our feet, heart rate is going to elevate as well. OK? Come up a little higher.

Let's get a little bit lower with the squat. Come through. Lateral. Good, good. One more. And, again, good. When you're ready, come back center. Watch here. Jab and across. Left, right. Upper body's warming, yes? OK. Four and three. Big extension with those hips. Good. Jab, cross, jab. Nice and light on the toes. One, two, hit. And again. Beautiful, you guys. Shoulders down. One, two, hit. Shuffle forward.

Let's go. Zone two, a little bit higher. Yes? Still comfortable, but you're warming even more. Good, good. And again, you got this. Give me a few more, just a few more. [INAUDIBLE] here. One, two, hit. Awesome work. And again, one more, yes? OK, back it right back. Awesome work. Now, just jack right here. Jack it out. Arms come out to the side. Let's get our heart rate up a little higher. Base of zone three. You got it.

Breathing is becoming a little more uncomfortable. Awesome. To take the heart rate higher, arms can come up higher. Longer lever. You got it. And again, give me eight more just like that. Come on. Sink low. Eight, seven. Beautiful. Now, give me eight more. Heart rate high, mid zone three. Sink lower. Four, three. Watch here, knee, knee. Right. And then left. We're going to qualify your AT here. Reach high. Bring the knee up. Awesome. You got it.

Come on, give me eight more. Eight, seven. Jump in. Propulsion. Four. Come on. If you're there in zone three, you should be breathing heavy, and almost up to threshold. Give me eight more. Come on. Seven, come on, six, and five. Come on, last four. Four. You got it. Three. Last two. Beautiful. You can take it back down. Just squat here. Yes or no, do you feel this, that breathing heavy? Heart rate's lifted. You guys, I have you for 15 more minutes.

Let the heart rate come back down. We'll work through the lower body. And then come back in just in combinations. Eight, low. Seven. How you feeling? We good? Allow that heart rate to drop back down. Good. OK, when you're ready, knee-- alternate knee. Front knee. Awesome. And again, arm drops from this guard here down low. Yes or no, how are we feeling? We good?

Almost ready to move on. Good. Give me eight more just like that. Now, I want you to think about taking these knees on an angle. OK? Knee angle. And again, give me four more just like that. And three. And two. OK, right leg forward. Just jab. Awesome. First combination, where are you with your heart rate? High zone two. OK? I'm going to talk. And I want you to layer in intensity. OK? Nothing too crazy yet. Nothing too crazy yet.

All right. You're going to go back to jab, cross, upper. One, two, hit, hold. Good, good. One, two, hit. We're going to bring the lower body into it. Level one, two, three. OK? Good. Jab, cross, upper, watch. One, two, upper, one knee. Here's level one. Still at the top of a zone two. You feel good. And you've got definitely more to give. And I want you to give it to me coming up.

And I'll show you. Just this knee here is going to get a little bit more intense. This is where you cross up, get into zone three. One knee. Get higher. One, two, upper. Knee up. Good. Give me more on the knee. Increase the heart rate. More intensity. Good. Four more. Going to go higher. Good. Awesome. And again, two more. One, two, upper. Last one. Watch here. Upper and a front kick. Here we go. One, two upper. Front kick. Let's go.

More intensity. And again. Awesome work. Good. Four more. Yes. Come on, come on. Heart rate's a little higher. I'll let it come back down. Come on. Last one. Beautiful work, you guys. Squat right here. Hold. Heart rate. Let us settle down. Good. You got it. And again. Four, and three, last two. OK, you guys, just jab, left arm. Go. Left. Yeah, yeah.

Bring the guard right back to your cheek. And again. You got this. Jab, cross, upper. Awesome. You should be feeling good. Heart rate's back settled down into zone two, high zone two. Look, I'm able to talk to you easier. That's how you should feel. We're going to add on. Give me four more just like that. One, two, upper. Huge upper, OK? One, two, hit. Drop the shoulder and drive. We're going to start to pick it up again, all right? Jab, cross, upper, one left knee.

Level one. Yes? Remember, you've got two more levels to go. And it's going to let the heart rate climb. And you're going to get that interval just like you want with cardio kickboxing. Four more. Same level. Awesome. Think strong. And that knee. Beautiful. Two more. I lied, last one. What are you going to add on? Propulsion at the knee. And again. One, two, upper. And a knee. What's happening with the heart rate? Picking up, yes? Come on.

And again, eight more. Zone? Bottom of zone three. Yes? Pick it up. I'll let you bring it back down. One more. See you guys next time. Add the front kick. Let's go. Jab, cross, upper. Front kick. Kick the heart rate up. Come on. Push it. You've got it. Give me four more just like that. Beautiful. OK, you guys, we're going to move on. We're going to isolate.

We're going to do a bit of a balance challenge. Hold here. Heart rate, bring it back down right where you need it, top of zone two. How do you feel here? Ready to pick it up in another few minutes. Beautiful transition. Let's talk a bob and a weave to catch your breath with an uppercut. Hit, uppercut. Good. Dig and jibe.

Now, what's the angle on the elbow here? It's a 45 degree. You twist and turn on the hook. Hook. Awesome. All right, you guys, I'm going to transition. And I'm going to take my right leg forward. You're going to find that right stance, because we're all about roundhouse. Hold it here. Watch. Hold. Set up a roundhouse. Balance challenge.

Four, three. Brace your core. Two, and one. Hang on. Hold it here. Now you're going to pick it up, speed it up. Here we go. Roundhouse. Roundhouse. Come on. Heart rate's picking up again here. You were easily back down into that zone two. I want you in a zone three here. We'll make it even higher. Come on. Awesome. Give me eight more. Yes? Heart rate's picking up. Beautiful. Two more.

Watch here. Side kick. One, front knee. We're going to pick up that level. Feel the build. Feel strong. Push, side kick, front knee. OK, you guys, more intensity. Layer in the front kick. Side kick, front kick. Come on. Push. You guys look good. Come on. Push. And again. Not done yet. Can you give me four more? Push the heart rate up. Good. Midway through three, maybe threshold. Come on, push. Come on.

Awesome. Last one. Good. Now just squat here. Hit low. Heart rate fizzling back down, yes? Good work. Hang tight. We're going to do that whole thing again, other side though. Lead arm, uppercut. Yeah. Roller coaster ride with cardio kickbox. It's a quick, fast ride today. Up underneath the chin. Dig and drop. Lower. Nice. Front stance.

We're going to move into that left fighting stance. Good. Same target underneath the chin. Good. Hang on. Get lower. Pit hit. Beautiful. Hang tight. OK, are you guys ready? Are you? All right. You're going to go jab, cross, upper. Here we go. One, two, one front knee. Yes? One front knee. Upper front knee. And again. Beautiful. And again.

Four more just like that. Come on. Give me more level. And, again, come on. Jab, cross, upper. Beautiful. Yeah. Almost there. Four more. Let's go. Jab, cross, upper. And again. Come on. You got this. Beautiful. From here, give me more intensity, jab, cross, upper, and that front kick. Give me more. Come on. Yes. Pick the heart rate up. Almost ready to move in to a little bit of a balance challenge. Yes, yes.

Come on. Give me four more. Big, big. Go. Heart rate's going to come back down. We'll pick it up again. Come on, come on, come on. Last two. Best one. You guys, balance right here. Sweat it up right here. Remember, four, bring it in. Holy smokes. Balance. Core locked on. One more. When you're ready. Here we go. Kick, back. This is where I want you to pick your heart rate up.

Zone two, say goodbye. Pick up phase three. Come on. Bigger. Slower. High reach. Beautiful. Oh, my gosh, eight more. Eight, seven. Woo! Come on, four more. Big power, big power. Four, three. Come on. And side kick right here. Front knee steps up. Front knee. Catch your breath here slightly. Coming back down. Would like to pick it up again. Yes or no? Say yes, because I'm thinking yes.

Now, remember, toes pointing to the ground slightly on your side kick. Beautiful work. Are you ready? Give me four more just like that. Then we get to elevate again. And then you got boxing coming up. Two more. Awesome. Then give me more power with the front kick. Let's go. Side, front, big intensity, push the heart rate up here. Come on. Push. I'll let you come back down. Trust me. Pick it up. Good, good.

Hit. Awesome. I want eight more. Let's go. Exhale. And again. Should be a little bit harder to breathe. Come on. Four more. Almost done. Almost done. Are you climbing throughout that zone three? May be quite the threshold, yes? Beautiful. And again, last one, awesome. Just squat right here. Woo! How are we feeling?

The whole essence of the last few minutes kickboxing, lower legs and upper. We're going to concentrate on upper and cardio. Good. Just give you a jab, cross. Front stance. You got it. Migrate. Right leg forward. Just give me one jab. Right on. Let's go. On the toe. Now, if your heart rate needs to come down, stick close to the ground. But give me a big push off that back leg, add power. You got it, you guys. Jab, cross, jab, cross. Now, watch. One, two, three, four, two stick jabs. One, two, three, four.

I want you to picture down the barrel of a gun, that's where you're nailing all six of these punches. Four, and two. Where do you add intensity? Right here. On those last stiff jabs, yes? Hit. Hit. Heart rate's climbing here. You got it. Come on. Four more. Beautiful. Hit. Last one. One more. Come on, come on, push, push. Good.

OK, you guys, jack it out right here. Heart rate climbing. Good. Heart climbing. Heart rate climbing. Sit low in the legs. Here we're going to add a combo with those same moves, give me some hooks. Two here. And then two jacks. I lied, four jacks. Now, cut it in half. Two hooks, two jacks. You got it. Follow with me right here. Two hook. You got this. I want this to come together with that jab cross, jab cross. Come on. Give me one more.

I'm going to tell you when and how to add on more intensity. Jab, cross. Jab, cross. Two jabs, right. One hook, right, left. Two jacks, yes? Go again. Come on. Now, where do I want you to add intensity? With the two stiff jabs and the jacks. Here we go. Come on, pick it up. Hit. Hit. Come on, you guys. Big. And I want you to do it with purpose. Punch, punch. Two hooks. Yeah. Awesome.

Two more, two more. Come on. Four. Yeah. Quick fire way to kick out some aggression today, right? Come on. Big hook. Keep the jacks. Base front. Yeah. Almost done. Yes. Heart rate-- good, big, big push-- climbing almost to threshold here. We'll back it back down. Finish with that combination. Yes? Pick the heart, and hands up. Come on. Sink a tiny bit lower. Almost done.

Good, good, good. Remember the threshold feeling, hard to breathe. Good. Give me eight more. Come on. Eight, seven. We're moving on to the left side. Four more. And three. Beautiful. Last two. Just jab. Just jab. Heart rate climbing back down. Settle in. Think purpose with the punch. Lengthen, push the back heel. If you want to pick it up off the ground, this is where you'll layer and add intensity. Good. Strong core. Almost done. Yes?

Here we go. We're going to roll right into it. Jab, cross, jab, cross. Two jabs right there. Good. Four, three, two, one. Intensity with those two stiff jabs. Right here. Nice. Yes or no. Say yes just for fun. This is where you're going to pick it up and you're going to burn out your last intense interval. Come on. Awesome. Do you guys remember those two hooks? One more. Two hooks, left, right. Two jacks. Pick it up.

OK, you guys, you still get to add this together with that first combo. Yes? Hook, hook. Give me four more. And then we get to roll. This is where you're going to end. So don't hold anything back. Come on. One more. All right. Last one. Jab, cross. Jab, cross. Two jabs. Let's go. Two jabs. Two hooks. Jack it. Awesome.

Heart rate, climbing. Woo! Big reach. Come on, last two. Yeah? Good. Big hit. One more. Come on. Big stiff jab. Beautiful. OK, you guys, finish with the jacks. 16. This is it. Woo! Quick fast 20 minutes. Way to work out some aggression, power. Four, three, two, and one. Bottom weave. Heart rate's coming back down. That's when you're like, can I push harder? And you did. And you're sucking air. But, holy crap, in about 15 seconds, it's going to feel good. Up and uppercut. Here we go.

Up. Yeah. Do you feel it? The heart is coming down. You're like, holy smokes. That's called endorphins. That's why we do what we do. Bringing it back down. Jab to the front right here. Yeah. Holy awesome. Thanks for joining me, you guys. Almost done. Woo! Holy moly. You're going to go back to the hooks just for fun, because I like hooks. Big twist. Squish the bug on the ground. Right there. Awesome.

How you feeling? Now you're like, Deb, I can breathe. I feel good. So do I. All right. Just drop squat here. Don't go too low. Core locked on. Did you work this? All half, all 20 minutes? Yep. You're beautiful. You're strong.

Thanks for joining me. Right here, big inhale. Up, give me a stretch. Give me like 45 seconds. When you're ready, cross it over. Nice. Big inhale. And give me that opposite tricep.

One last stretch to the shoulder. And then guess what from here, you're going to give me a big inhale. Inhale. And exhale. And like all fighters or warrior say, put it together right here, and bow. Thanks for fighting with me. See you next time.