Strike – Transcript


Hi, I'm Heather. This is your Life Time 30-Minute Strike Workout. Strike is a signature format, and also an opportunity for you to bring out your fiercest self. The equipment you need is very simple-- just your body. But if you have a light body bar around six or nine pounds, that's great. Use that.

I am also am using one-pound gloves. You don't need them. This is just a kickboxing class. But this equipment will help bring more power into your motions and your movement.

Warm up with me. Feet are separated. Turn your right hip and your left hip like this. Now you bring your hands up to your face. Circle your elbow forward, right and left. Just warming up, getting the blood flowing into your arms.

You have four more right here. 3. 2. Keep your hands to your face. Squat down and up, right here. Down, up. Sitting back in your heel, stand tall. Hands are by your face to protect your face. Elbows point down to protect your body. Two more right here. Last one.

Now turn your right hip, then your left hip towards me. You need power behind your punches. That's why we turn our hips. Jab towards me, reaching your arm towards me, then back to your face. It's called a jab. Reach. Reach.

Four more right here. Then you change the punch across your body. It's called a cross. Right here. Make sure the motion is coming from your hips. You want to protect your lower back and strengthen your core. Four more right here. 4. 3.

Now, punch underneath your opponent's chin. It's called an uppercut. Uppercut. Notice how I'm still turning my hip, picking up your back heels. Uppercut. Get under. Four more. 4. 3.

Now punch forward. Punch my ribs in front of you. Straight forward, turning your hips. This is called a body shot. Body shot. Keep turning your hips. Bring your hand back to your face to protect it. One more set.

7, 6, 5. Yes, go back to your squat. Down and up, hands to your face. Down. Get a little bit lower this time. Gotta warm up your legs. Your legs will help you when you use your body bar. Three more. Two more.

Start with your right knee. It's right knee, then three march. Three march, left knee. Elbows point down, right knee up. This is called a knee strike. So you lean back slightly.

Eventually, we'll use our hands later in the workout. But stay here with your hands to your face. Four more. Than you'll take your knee into a front kick. Let your shoe laces hit your target. Straight forward. Does not matter how high your kick is, but it's gotta be powerful. Boom.

Kick, three march. Kick. Yes. Try four more with me. 4. 3. The next kick is a back kick. You push with your heel behind you. Push, three march. Push.

Your kick does not need to be high. It can be low. Hands to your face. Three more. Two more. Last one.

Now, do a jump rope with me. Jump rope. If you don't want to jump, you march. Move your rope, starting with round one. There are three rounds right now. Hands to your face. Jab, cross to the right. Jab, cross, turning your left hip on your cross. Jab.

I want you lean toward your target. Lean towards me, come on. Cross, jab, cross. Turn your left hip. Cross. Ready, we'll pick up the pace. Jab, cross, jab, cross. Right, left. Yes.

Hands come quickly back to your face. It's called recoiling. Jab, cross. Hit, go. More power behind your punches. You got this. Yes, fire in your eyes. Go. Heart rate gradually comes up. Last set right here.

8, 7, 6. Listen up, it's right knee, left knee. Right, left. Go. Knee, knee. Now add your arms. Pull your arms down, down, down, down. Pull.

From here, you have a knee, back kick. Knee, back kick. Pull, push, knee, push. Pull, push. Keep going.

Your kick does not need to be high. It can be low, but it's got to be powerful. Close a door with your heel. Four more. 4, boom, 3, 2. Go back to your job cross, right and left. Here goes.

From here, you add a slip. Watch me first. Jab, cross, slip. Do it again. Again. Jab, cross, slip. Stay here. I'll show you next, it's jab, cross, slip, right knee, back kick.

Right knee, back kick. Jab, cross, slip, right knee, back kick. Jab, cross, slip, pull, push. Jab, cross, slip, pull. Yes. Slip, knee, kick, jab, cross, slip, pull, push.

Can you give more? Can you reach toward your target? More. Step out. Get lower on your slip. Push. Jab, cross, slip, pull. Yes. Go.

Heart rate is coming up. Notice you are not jumping. It's all because of your powerful punches, knee strikes, and kicks. Slip. Yes. Try four more with me. Yeah, boom. Three. Keep it up. Two.

Last one, come on. Finish strong. Now, keep your jab, cross, jab, cross. Go. Fire in your eyes, stay here. Jab, cross. Turn your left hip. Reach, reach, reach, reach. Yes. Go back to your jab cross slip, right here. It's jab, cross, slip. Jab, cross, slip.

Now, get away. Reach toward your target, then get away. Out of the way. Go towards them, then get out of the way. Go. Come on, jab, cross, slip. Right, left, get low. Whew. Are you ready? We'll add the knee and kick again.

Listen up, I'll say it first. Jab, cross, slip, right knee, left back kick. Jab, cross, slip, right knee, left back kick. Jab, cross, slip, pull, push. Jab, cross, slip. You've got it. You know it mentally. Now bring more. Hah, boom. Jab, cross, slip. Pull, push.

Go. One more right here. Keep your jab, cross, right, left, go. Jab, cross. Getting right behind your body bar. Keep your left cross. Pump it out. Bend your knees. Doesn't matter how fast your left arm is going. Right hand to your face. I want you to get low your body bar. So low, in a moment you're going to touch it with your left hand.

Bend both knees. Tap your bar, then stand up. Don't pick it up yet. Tap, up. Notice how my right hand stays at my face. Four more like this, then I want you to pick up your body bar. Two more. Now, pick it up right here. Keep going with your legs. Down, up.

You take this left hand. Punch, stand, punch. Right hand's to your face. Let's add a punch. Cross across, yes. Across, punch down. Cross. Boom.

Notice you have to bend your back knee. Get low. Yes, go. Boom. Push, boom, push, down, up. Four more. Yes. Whew. You got it. Two more.

Now, stay up with me. Stay up right here. Side to side. Pick up your body bar with your right hand. Your right hand is an overhand grip. Your left hand is an underhand grip. Yes, hands are wide, elbows slightly bent.

You will take your left hand and do a gut strike towards me. Left hand. Left. Do that again. Gut. You turn your left hip, gut, right here. Hit, straight towards me.

You're using your bar to hit your target. Boom. Harder. Boom. That's why we're using a light body bar. If you have a broom or a stick, go ahead, use that. Go. Hit.

Try four more with me, than we add on because you are smart. Three more. Boom. Two more. You hit them in the gut, then you them in the head with your right hand. Ready? Left, right, down, up.

Notice now we're changing levels. You're getting low, get up. Turning your hips. [GRUNTS] Might get a little grunt. Boom. This is raw. This is fierce. This is all you. Yes. Boom. Left, right, gut, head, gut, head, boom.

Turning your hips every single time. Stay with it, come on. Down, up. Yes, yes, last set. 8, 7. Come with me, come on. Boom. Using the ends of your body bar. Only three more. Two more. You got it. Stay right here. Breathe. Yes.

Keep your body bar in your left hand. You'll bring it down to the ground again, right hand your face. Punch down and cross. Down, cross. Remember this? Boom. Hit. Turning your hips.

Notice this is actually a lunge, right? You're turning the left hip in a lunge. Down, up, down, up. Boom. Almost done with round one. Stay strong. Stay in the game, come on. Down, up. Four more. Hah. Four boom. Three.

You keep your left cross. Cross, cross. In 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. Stay in your lunge. Put down your body bar, all the way down. Come up, hands to your face. Jab and cross to the left.

Round two, bring it. Let's go. Jab, cross. Turning your hip, right hip. Jab, cross, jab, cross. Look at your target. Both punches. Reach your arm 95%. Not all the way. You want to protect your joints. You have four more, come on. Boom. Three, hands back to your face.

You ready? Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. Let's go. Push, push, go, hah. Yes. Bring it. Jab and cross. Go, go. Whew. Sweat is dripping. Last set. 8. 6. You have left knee, right knee. Ready? Let's do this.

Left, right, left, right. Knee, back kick. Knee, back kick. Knee, push with your heel. Push back. Pull, push back with your heel.

Again, you're closing a door with your heel. Pull, push, hah. You got this. Go. 4, 3, 2. Go back to your jab, cross, left, right. Hit it. Go. Let's add onto this. Jab, cross, slip. Down.

Jab, cross, slip, turning your right hip for your cross. Your cross is the most powerful punch, so you gotta bring it. Let your lower body help your upper body. Body works as a unit. You are training your core right now. Everything's working.

Listen up. Jab, cross, slip, left knee, right back kick. Jab, cross, slip, left knee, right back kick. Go. Knee, kick, jab, cross, slip. Knee, kick, jab, cross, slip. Yes.

Here we go. Jab, cross, slip, knee, kick. Push. Stay with me. Can you bring a little bit more? Can you punch harder? Come on. Two more, right here. Hah. Last time. Keep your jab, cross, left, and right. Go.

Breaking it down again. Stay here. Boom. Focus on your target, one target. Yes, yes, go. Let's add a slip. Listen up. Jab, cross, slip. Get out of the way. Go towards them, get out of the way. Out of the way. Get out of the way.

Lay it on again. Jab, cross, slip, left knee, right back kick. Go. Hah, pull, push. Jab, cross, slip, push, push. Go. Go, hah. Push. Yes.

Are you turning your right hip right here? Get low. Slam a door with your heel. Down, pull, push. We got four more. Come on. Four. Pull, boom. Three. Pull, boom. two. Yes, last time.

Keep your jab, cross, left, and right. Go. Hit it. You have 4, 3. Right arm punches down. Punch it out. Bend your knees. Left hand to your face. Tap your body bar, then stand up with your right hand. Ready? Tap it. Down, up, tap.

You have four more, then you'll pick up your body bar. Four. Just the end. Three. Left hand stays at your face. Two. Pick it up. Continuous motion. Lunge, up. Body bar strikes down. Punch down, then punch across with your left hand. Down, left, right, left, turning your hips, down, go. Yeah.

Boom. Boom. Whew. Go ahead, check out your target. Look where you're punching. 4, 3, 2, and 1. Stand all the way up. Keep moving. Pick up the body bar with your left hand.

Now, your left hand is an overhand grip. Your right hand is under. Elbows are bent, hands are wide. You are so in control of his body bar. You have a gut shot with your right hand. So right foot comes forward towards me. Ready? Gut shot. Shot.

And you punch low. Bend your knees. Down. Hit it with your right hand. Yes. Boom. Get a little bit lower. Boom. Turn your right hip. Mm-hmm, hip. Four more, right here.

Three. Just pivoting, picking up your heel. Now, gut shot, then your head. Let's go. Down, up, down, up, down, up, right, left. Turning your hip, down. Going into this lunge.

Now, you do as much as you can. If you can get low, go for it. Bend your knees. If you need to, you can stand up and just turn your hip, like how we started. Just stepping forward or you turned your hip. Yes, you have options. What can you do now? Bring it. Hah, down. Yes, down.

Can you turn your hips some more? Boom. Come out, let's use this body bar. Last set. 8, hah, 7. How many? Go, turn your hips. Yes, only four more. 3, boom. 2. You put the left side down. Right hand stays on your body bar. Hand to your face.

Go back to the punch down and across. Down, across. Right, left. Boom. Turn your hip, hah. Try to lunge more. Get down. Bending your knees. Not just bringing your chest down, but use your lower body. Bend your knees.

Down, up. Almost there. Last set, right here. More power. Whew, we're getting sweaty. Come on. Hah. Four more. Whew. Three. Now, keep your right hand. Cross, cross.

8, 7. Bend your left knee. 5, 4, 3. Stay in your lunge. Put down your body bar. Slowly roll all the way up. That was the end of round two. Great work. This is round three.

Hands to your face, turning your hips. Hips, that's where the power comes from for your punches. Stay with me, hands up. Let your heart rate come down. You have body shot, right and left. Ready? Get it. Hah, hah. push and pull, boom, boom.

So someone is standing right in front of you. Punch them right here in their gut, in their ribs. Come on, bring it. Don't stop, you keep going. Right and left. Other hand comes back to your face. Hit, hit.

Listen up. One last set right here. I'm with you. 8, 7. Here's what's next. Right kick, squat, left kick, squat. Right kick, squat, front kick, squat. Hands stay up.

Now that you've got the motion, harder. Down. Boom. You're kicking someone, then you get out of the way. Boom, get down. Hah. Try it. Hah.

It's kick, squat. Four more, then we combine them. Three more, come on. Let's go, straight into your body shot, right and left. Stay here. Body shot. Listen up, you have four body shot, and then kick and squat two times. I'll show you once. You join me on the second time. Are you ready?

Four punches, go. 4, 3, kick and squat two times. Kick, squat. Four punch towards me. Hah, hah. Yes. Kick and squat, go. Down. Four punch. Get it, get it. Boom.

Kick and squat. Down. You got it. Now, more grit behind your punches. Give more, and you will get more. Two more, right here. Yes, kick and squat. Whew. Last time. Kick, boom, boom. Kick and squat.

Now you have uppercut, right and left. Up, up, turning your hips. Right, left. Underneath their chin. Get under, under, turning your hips. Bending your knees, elbows bent. Hah. Last set.

8, 7, 6, 4, 3. You are back kick and squat, right and left. Kick, squat. Low kick. Push, kick. Hands to your face. Push, kick. Mm-hmm. Push kick.

Four more right here. 4, 3, push behind you. Go back to your uppercuts. Right and left, let's go. Hah. Stay here. I think you know the combo, but I'll say it show it first. Listen up.

It's four uppercut, then back kick and squat. Watch me first. Back kick, squat. Four uppercut. Join me, right and left. Hah. Back kick and squat, right, left. Kick, squat. Boom, uppercut. Hah. Back kick and squat.

You're so smart. Stay with me. One more time. Hah. Back kick and squat, hands to your face. Feet are wide. Squat down and up. Right here, squat. Check out your body bar. Tap it with your hands. Two more, and then I want you to pick it up. Pick it up right here. Feet are wide.

Overhand grip, both hands, elbows slightly bent. You'll step your right foot back, then you're left foot back. That's it. Right, left. So stay focused on your target, on your opponent. They're coming toward you. You've got to block. You've got to protect yourself. What are you going to do?

Take your body bar. Block them up, right here. Block. Now, notice you're coming into a squat. These are bent. Your elbows are slightly bent. There is force behind this. Don't gracefully bring your body bar up. Like you mean it. We're talking about you. Come on, like you mean it.

Hah, yes. Bring it up. Four more. Four. Say, no way. Two more. Now you step your right foot out to the side, and then your left foot out to the side. Right, then to the left. Now, look to the right. Look to the left. Look to the right. Look to the left.

Look where you're going. You will add a strike to the side with the end of your bar. Boom. Make a hole. Someone is coming into your space, and you're saying, no way. Get out. Get out. Get out of my space. Come on. Like you mean it.

Notice we're not swinging. Not a swing. Not a swing. It's a hit. Yep. Hit. Four more. 4. 3. You can do this. Step your right foot back, then your left foot back with a block. Go.

Block. Block. Do it again with your blocks. Block. Now, side strike, right and left for four. 4, 3. One more time. Block back for two. Block right and left. Right. Now, poke to the side. Strike to the side. Stay here, right and left.

And when you get lower, you'll add an alley-oop, little circle with your bar. Little circle. Down, up. If you want, make it bigger. Up, poke, up. Really hit them. Say, get out of the way. No way. Uh-uh. Down.

Heart rate is coming up. Can you bend your knees lower? Go. Come on, bring it. Heart rate is coming up. You are getting breathless, but you're not quitting now. This is round three, the very end. You're almost there. Up, down.

Four more, come on. Stay with me. 4, hah, 3, whew, 2. Step your right foot back, then your left back. Right, then left. That's it. Right. Add your block up. Block. Block. Heart rate's coming down. This is the end.

Stay here. 4, 3, yes, 2. Now, squatting down, feet are wide. Down, up. Body bar is right in front of you. Stand all the way up. Roll your shoulder blades back.

Down, up. Yes. Back on your heels. You have four more squats, down and up. 4, 3, 2. Stay down, pulse it out. Bending your knees, lightly, gently put down this awesome weapon that you used the whole class. Turn your right hip.

Keep turning your right hip, left hip. Breathe. Whew, you did it. Let's cool down, OK? Lunge to the right, then lunge to the left. Bend your right knee. Lunge. Lunge. Chest is forward. Breathe.

You'll swing your left arm. Circle your left arm. Down, up, down, up. Reach down. Circle. Four more. 3. Circle. 2. And 1.

Stand all the way up. Bring your feet together. Bring your hands behind you. Interlace your fingers. Roll your shoulders back. Opening up your shoulders and chest, look up. Now, release your hands. Interlace your fingers in front of you. Push your hands towards me. Chin to chest, stretch your back.

Do that again, all the way up. Interlace your fingers. Roll your shoulders back. Open your chest. Release your hands. Interlace your fingers. Push towards me, chin to chest. All the way. Come all the way up.

You got it. Now, bring your right foot forward. Left foot is back. Bend both knees in a lunge. Tuck your pelvis under, opening up your left hip. Right here, yes. Stand all the way up. Bring your right foot back. Bend both knees. Tuck your pelvis under, opening your right hip. Right here, opening it up. Yes.

Stand all the way up. Step your left foot back this time, again, and lunge. You can stay here, or, if you'd like, hands can come all the way down to the ground. Step your foot further back. Your back leg is straight this time. Or stay in your lunge before and tuck your pelvis under. Either way, squeeze your left glute. 3, 2, 1.

Come all the way up, feet together. Step your right foot back, and lunge. Bend your knees. Tuck your pelvis under, or bring your hands all the way down. Straighten your back leg behind you, feeling your hip open a little bit more. It's a little bit more intense.

This knee, this front knee, is on top of your heel. Deep breath in and out. Come all the way up. You got it.

Feet are wide. Go back to your lunges. Right knee bends, then your left knee bends. I want you to feel your arms open again. Your shoulders reach down and circle. Down and circle. Bigger than before.

Open your chest this time. Not just your arm, not just your shoulder. Open your chest. Bigger. Four more. Yes. 3, 2, last one.

You are incredible. You are fierce. Bring this strength with you everywhere you go. Keep up the good work, and try all the other fantastic Life Time workouts. I'll see you soon. Bye.