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Tennis Builds Strong Kids

A teenage boy exhibiting tennis skills and excitement of the sport.

The lifelong sport that builds strong hearts, minds and bodies.

Tennis is fun for kids of all ages and abilities. Even better, the sport is good for them in so many ways. Studies show kids who play racquet sports:

  • Score higher in self-esteem, optimism and confidence
  • Score lower in anger, depression and anxiety
  • Develop gross and fine motor control
  • Learn hand-eye coordination, flexibility and leg strength
  • Practice sportsmanship, teamwork and social skills

Tennis Programs

Early Development (Ages 5–10)

Your younger child wants to play tennis? Start here. Designed for the beginning player 10 or younger, kids will learn fundamental skills of tennis, plus develop hand-eye coordination, focus, confidence and self-esteem that will go way beyond the court.

Junior Development Beginner (Ages 11-15)

If your child is 11 or older and wants to learn the game, beginning levels will learn basic strokes while more advanced kids improve their playing skills, strategy and scoring. Kids have fun while developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sociability, focus and confidence.

High Performance (Ages 15-18)

Trying out for the high school team? These kids are committed to the game, and want to compete in USTA tournaments, high school and/or college tennis. Advanced players sharpen their technical development, gain tactical and strategic advantages and hone their competitive instincts through situational drills, competitive match play and intensive physical training.

Connect with a Tennis Pro at your club for class start dates.