Personal Trainer Anna

If I wasn't a trainer, I'd be a professional model. No.



I make myself laugh all the time. So I figure if I can laugh at my own jokes, other people will laugh along with me.

Coming in and exercising isn't always a number one priority for people. It's hard for them to make time for that int heir lives. I too went through a phase of weight gain and being out of shape and not exercising. I think it happens to most everybody, and I went on my own journey of weight loss and getting back into fitness.

I want to make this hour that they spend with me the most enjoyable that I possibly can. What I like to see is connection, fun, laughter, actual enjoyment, not just blood, sweat, and tears. Like, just enjoying the moment that you're in, even if it hurts a little bit, it's got to be something that you want to come back to. I'm Anna Winton, and I'm a trainer at Life Time.



You're going to use that one, aren't you? Dang it.