Brookfield Video

A snowy winter landscape surrounds the Life Time building and its shoveled parking lot.

The sun beams from over the top of the building. We zoom through the front door and into the lobby. Behind the help desk, a TV plays an exercise video.

We travel up the balcony towards the second floor lounge. We enter into a dining area beside the Life Cafe restaurant.

The dining area features several kinds of chairs, booths and tables for an eclectic look. White cushion chairs line an L shaped bar in the corner.

A kid's room with cubbies, a long yellow slide and colorful chairs. The Nest sign. A nursery with toys and a crib. A play room for young children with toys and cubbies. A small meeting room with round tables.

A classroom with three C-shaped tables. We pass through the classroom hallway into the gymnasium with basketball hoops set up on either side.

A recreation room with striped blue carpet and gymnastic equipment. We go down a hallway past a reading lounge with book shelves and plush sofas.

An office with four rectangular tables with six office chairs apiece. A small theater with four rows of chairs that face a projector screen. A video of a class plays.

We pass through a hallway to the Quiet Room on the left, a small room with a grey office chair and a small wooden desk.

We enter a conference room with wall windows and a TV that plays an exercise class. The Life Spa lobby and front desk. A small shop features several body care products. A hair salon with cut and wash stations in separate rooms.

A nail salon features a shelf of nail polish and two seats. Two foot massage recliners.

A waiting room with dim lighting. A massage room. We enter the Life Spa Men's sauna. A caution sign indicates the floor may be slippery. We pass through the corridor and enter a spacious locker room.

A bathroom features several oversized mirrors above the sinks. A small pool.

A wooden sauna room with wraparound bench seats. A small marble sauna room. A large indoor pool with dividers for swimming laps.

A mushroom water fountain trickles water. Outside of the building are two more large swimming pools, one for recreation and one for swimming laps.

A front desk for a room with exercise bikes, treadmills and ellipticals.

Sun brightly shines through a glass door. A sign on the wall says Love Your Life.

A large indoor gymnasium with basketball hoops on either end.

A weight room with several weight benches. A dimly lit waiting room.

An exercise room with several grey yoga mats in rows. An exercise room with rower machines and treadmills. Two punching bags hang in a weight room.

The spacious weight room features various equipment and different sizes of weights. Several TVs line the walls and hang from the ceiling. A front desk and waiting room for a massage room.

A large exercise room with dumb bells and yoga mats. An exercise room with kettle bells and yoga mats. A spinning room with several bicycles.

A snowy winter landscape surrounds the Life Time building and its shoveled parking lot.

Text, Love Your Life. Life Time.