23rd Street Video

Text, Life Time, Healthy Way of Life.

Manhattan 23rd Street.

A tall brick building with lots of windows.

Pedestrians walk by the Life Time entrance.

The entryway to Life Time H R C is sleek and luxurious, with a gold and white wraparound staircase.

The lobby has a grey and white marble concierge desk and an ad for Life Power Yoga.

A gym room with bikes and weights.

Inside the gym room, there are rowing machines, bikes, treadmills and several weight machines.

A row of ellipticals cuts through two rows of treadmills.

The lobby has brown wood floors and pillars with brick walls.

An exercise room with black yoga mats spaced out on the floor.

A spinning room with dim lights and a large flatscreen TV displaying a spinning class.

An extensive weight room with several different machines and sizes of weights.

A yoga room with soft white lighting, towels in the back and yoga mats spread out on the floor.

A room with several wooden cots with black mattresses.

We move past the front desk and class schedule list to a pool room. The room features a large rectangular pool, lounge chairs and towels. A Life Time Swim sign on a grey marble wall.

The room has an atrium-style glass ceiling.

Two blue and white striped dividers separate the pool into three lanes for swimming laps.

A luxurious bathroom with grey marble walls and gold framed mirrors.

The shower room features grey marble stalls with frosted glass doors.

A wooden sauna room with bright yellow lights.

A sleek sauna room with white walls and white lights.

Text, Life Time, Healthy Way of Life.