About Life Time

A group of people fist bumping and celebrating during a small group training class at Life Time.

The Healthy Way of Life Community

Since opening its doors nearly 30 years ago, Life Time has evolved into something completely unique. Today it’s a growing community of people who have defined a new path forward. Where health, knowledge and relationships are valued. Where our energy is channeled for good. And where purpose drives our daily lives.

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A healthy way of life has no limits.

We are always exploring new ideas that improve not only body and mind, but also integrate wellness into our daily lives. This can help us all to be more thoughtful, productive and engaged as we savor the journey of life.

Two women working indoor at a Life Time Work.
Exterior of a Life Time Living building
Two men riding a bicycle outdoor at a Life Time Athletic Event
Male personal trainer consulting with a female member during her onboarding session at Life Time.


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The brain is the most important muscle of all.

We are strongly committed to education and the positive impact that data and science can bring to our daily lives. We also recognize the importance of knowing ourselves and working with others to pursue our purpose.

Small girl and her mother planning outside in a garden.
Male teaching a group fitness class at an EMPOWER event.
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Female team member working with a mom and her daughter at a Kids Academy at Life Time.


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Together we can strengthen the bonds that connect us all.

We are constantly striving to create communities based on integrity and respect. To create places where all are seen, heard, valued and understood as we work together for a greater good.

Two woman stretching and holding hands in a yoga class at Life Time.
Two young girls eating healthy and nutritious strawberries in a greenhouse.
People at post-race celebrations for Commitment Day 5k.

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Are you ready to be a part of this community? With more than 150 destinations, there is one for you to call your own.

Membership levels, types, amenities, services, programs and their associated dues, pricing, fees and/or charges may vary by location and are subject to change. Access to clubs and certain services, programs, amenities or areas within a club (e.g., outdoor pools, racquet courts) may be restricted, conditioned or otherwise limited by specific terms and conditions and/or subject to a separate or supplemental fee for access or use (e.g., your access to the outdoor pool area may require a separate fee and be limited to your designated club). See club for additional terms and conditions that may apply. Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.