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In the last 30 years, Life Time has created and defined a healthy way of life. Today, this work goes beyond the well-being of the individual to encompass the collective vitality of the communities we’re part of and the world we live in.

We believe that our own health and happiness is strengthened by the health of our planet, the people around us and the principles our company aspires to live by.

We focus our Environmental, Social and Governance approach on three pillars: Healthy People (Social), Healthy Planet (Environmental), and Healthy Principles (Governance).

A timeline of Life Time's ESG accomplishments is available via PDF.

Proud to be recognized

We are proud to be recognized for the technologies and procedures that have allowed us to increase energy efficiency by nearly 40% across our athletic country club portfolio of 16 million square feet.

The U.S. DOE Better Buildings Challenge partner

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Healthy Planet

Environmental Impact

Is it possible to transform the largest healthy way of life ecosystem across the U.S. and Canada, with over 160 athletic country club locations, a handful of coworking and residential complexes, and nearly 30 athletic events and make it more efficient?

Think big. Start small. Move fast. Like our own goals, the greatest change occurs by making seemingly small adjustments, then applying them full scale to make a significant impact.


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Healthy People

Social Impact

We recognize our responsibility of helping people live healthy lives. We value the unique talents, backgrounds and perspectives that allow our members, team members and communities to thrive.

Our goal? To help everyone feel respected and valued. To support a healthy and safe environment that allows them to be their own unique self. That they perceive Life Time as their family, the place they belong.


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Healthy Principles

Corporate Governance

We are committed to strong corporate governance and ethical business practices. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics defines our values and our diverse board of directors sets high standards for our executive leadership team and our more than 30,000 team members to conduct business with integrity. As the Healthy Way of Life Company, we believe that doing the right thing serves as a foundation for making a positive impact on the health and wellness of our members, team members and communities.

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