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Feel it in the focus and attention of a coach. Hear it in the vibrant energy pulsing from the studios. See it in the results.

Barbell Strength

Weight Toning for All

With a strong emphasis on proper form, this foundational class will teach you the basic movements of weight training, providing options to keep things challenging as you build strength.

En Barre

Guided Barre Workout

This all-in-one barre class positions you at a fixed barre, with you using it to move in and out of lower and upper body movements for a core, cardio, flexibility and strength-training workout.

Gluteus MAXout

Lower Body + Cardio

This class focuses on movement that targets and strengthens the muscles in and around your legs and glutes, with a little cardio to challenge your aerobic capacity.


Boxing + Strength

This boxing-inspired class takes you through a series of boxing drills and moves for a total-body strengthening and conditioning experience.


Kickboxing + Martial Arts

Inspired by martial-arts fighting drills, this athletic kickboxing class uses weighted gloves and bars to kick, punch, strike and block your way to a great workout.


Guided Upper-Body Workout

This strength-building and muscle toning class features a series of familiar fitness-floor exercises and training methods in a pulse-pounding, chest-thumping format.

Warrior Sculpt

Yoga + HIIT + Strength

A soulful yet fierce fusion of yoga and weights, this sweaty nonstop flow is a demanding, energetic, yet surprisingly Zen-filled experience.



Challenge yourself with the most innovative High-Intensity Interval Training format to deliver Strength and Cardio results.



Our newest, boldest yoga format fuses the intensity of HIIT training with the heart of yoga for a complete cardio workout.



Dynamic and challenging, this class synchronizes breath and builds strength through continuous flow-style movement.



For everyone from beginners who've never done yoga to athletes looking to deepen their understanding of the body with long-held, classic poses.



This dynamic yoga class takes you through a guided flow of poses, synchronizing your breath with traditional yoga movements.



In this class, you'll hold passive yoga poses for a period of time to strengthen flexibility and mobility while practicing self-acceptance.

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Signature Member Exclusive

Signature Group Training

Through progressive programming, the attention of a coach, and the energy of a small groups who hold you accountable, you’ll look forward to your workouts and do things you never thought you could do.


a woman performs a side plank in a group training class


2 woman run on side by side treadmills
A woman working on a pilates machine


An exercise and body-conditioning program practiced to stretch, strengthen, align and tone. Functional fitness improves, long lean muscles are built, energy increases. Thousands of exercises on a variety of equipment for every level of fitness.

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