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AMP at Maple Grove

Included in Membership

It’s synchronized. It’s sweaty. It’s a wild, incredibly sexy, extremely effective cardio-fueled ride.

AMP spin class riding together with their hands up
Experience Level
All Levels
Class Length
45 - 60 Minutes
What to Bring
Water bottle, cycling shoes (optional)
Close up of a Life Time member in motion during the sculpt portion of an AMP spin class


It’s a cycle class, disguised as the most endorphin-filled, high voltage experience that has the power to not only change your day, but change your life.

The back of a cyclist with their arms raised at an AMP spin class and AMP written on the back of their shirt


It’s like stepping into a nightclub. Lights are low, the energy is high. AMP is a heart-pounding, calorie-burning party with an exhilarating vibe.

AMP spin class riding together, led by their instructor, with their hands in the air


Easy-to-follow choreography, set to the hottest music, surrounded by other deliriously happy, inspiring (perspiring) people.

Close up of Life Time member Joseph at an AMP spin class

From the instructor

“Pinch me. I mean, how lucky am I to create this space where people feel like they can just let loose and be themselves?”

catch the beat

a member’s perspective

“It’s the party of all parties, metrics go out the window and we just have a lot of fun dancing on and off the bike. I would come back every day if my legs could handle it.” 
“I walk into a room full of familiar faces. This is the kind of class where the people who have been doing it for a while help the newbies with adjusting their bikes, we’re all friends here.”
“The soundtrack is pumping, along with my arms and legs, It feels like a concert rather than an exercise class. Just when you're getting tired, your favorite song comes on the choreography starts to make sense and you find a new speed.”
“The hard part is behind us, as the music eases up. I feel like I exerted every ounce of energy in my body. Sometimes, to be honest, I get a little is so sweet. I walk out feeling the best I've felt all week.”

Good to know


Just like hitting the gym can get those endorphins flowing, having a good laugh can do the same trick. That's why humor is often called a natural mood booster!


Having fun is a brain workout too, getting those cognitive gears turning, improving critical thinking, and sparking creative ideas. So next time you're having fun, know that you're also giving your brain a little exercise.

No Butts About It

The Gluteus Maximus, the main extensor muscle of the hip, is the largest muscle in your body, and gets a wonderful workout on the bike. 


Our members say

“I love to party, exercising not so much...But then I found AMP, the perfect combo”

Amy F.

Maple Grove, MN

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