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PWR at Maple Grove

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Engineered for endurance athletes and riders who are serious about their sport, PWR Cycle is metric-driven training that will have you ready to race and poised for your next PR.

Cycling Life Time member riding in the PWR cycle spin class
Experience Level
Class Length
60 Minutes
What to Bring
Water bottle, cycling shoes (optional), heart-rate monitor (optional)
Close up of the pedals and a cyclist clipped into the bike during a PWR spin class

Continuous Improvement

More than a cycle class, PWR is a structured series of progressive training sessions to help true competitors conquer the road.

Three cyclists being encouraged by the PWR spin class instructor

Intelligent Workouts

Drills based on watts, heart rate and technology that push you in the studio, to perform all year long.

A close up of the output screen on a spin bike in a PWR cycle class at Life Time


Track functional threshold power and heart rate for zone training as you test over four week intervals and let your FTP rise.

Cyclists in a PWR spin class at Life Time high fiving


You have goals and this structured, customized training plan gives you a coach, comradery and the focus to get there.

embrace the burn

a member’s perspective

“I take this cycling thing seriously, I’ve got goals and my coach is going to help me get there with challenges that push me mentally and physically, so that when I get back out on that road next season, I’m where I want to be.”
“I walk into the studio and find the bike I reserved on the app. Measured my FTP last week, so I know exactly where I need to be. Cycle kit is on. Clipped in. Ready to roll.”
“Every class, I give it all I’ve got for 60 minutes. There’s nothing like the stamina sprints and drills in this class. I put my complete trust in the coach, he’s a cyclist himself and knows what it takes to perform on the road.” 
“At the end of class, game faces turn into smiles and we all stretch together. What I love about this class is the purpose, there’s always a PR to aim for, and next season to look forward to.” 

Good to know

Did you know?

If you want to get faster, get stronger by focusing on your glutes and quads, the dynamic duo that supply two-thirds of your pedal power.


Studies have found that cyclists tend to demonstrate a unique blend of intelligence, generosity and the “cool” factor.


During races, cyclists need to make some pretty smart moves like when to go all out, when to take it easy, and how to cooperate with their teammates. It's not just about pedalling hard!


There's the "peloton," which is the big group of riders, "domestique" is the ultimate team player, and "bonk" which is when the cyclist runs out of energy and gets the wobbles.


Our members say

“You know you can improve on your own, but if you really want to up your game, you have to go where the faster people are.”

Kevin P.

Maple Grove, MN

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