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GTX at Charlotte

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This is where it begins. Where you start to realize how good it feels to move and how fulfilling it is to make change happen.

Experience Level
All Levels
Class Length
45 - 60 Minutes
What to Bring
Water bottle, towel

always improving
GTX class member in plank position lifting hand weights
Smiling GTX class participants
GTX class member running on treadmill

50% cardio, 50% strength

Phased programming split evenly between strength and HIIT-based cardio. Get into the social, sweaty training zone. Smile as you feel yourself improve.

GTX instructor encouraging class member on treadmill


Simply show up for a circuit workout you love. Connect with your coach, learn as you go and belong to a small circle of people who want to live the healthy way.

GTX class member on floor recovering between ab circuits


Our goal? To get you to your best, day by day, week by week. Start to make better choices beyond the studio and begin to understand the positive impacts of exercise.

GTX boutique group training class featuring three people doing front lunge twists


With 12 weeks of progressive, daily programming, this class is designed so that you can workout every day without the risk of injury, leveraging the full benefits of zone training.  For beginners through to advanced, this class is as hard as you make it.


a member’s story

“Not going to lie, I was nervous. I hadn't worked out in quite a while, but the people and place made me feel so comfortable, so quickly.”

Smiling GTX class members

getting started

“People welcomed me, showed me how to get set up: you can start on mat or treadmill, and then it switches up. The workout was on the screen so if I got lost I could just look up. It went fast. I went back again and again!”

GTX class member with instructor guiding them into proper position

the main event

“Week-by-week, I started catching on to the moves, and then I started picking up heavier weights. We learned about heart rate zones, which makes your workout so much smarter. I actually began looking forward to these mornings.”

GTX class member performing deep side lunge with arm overhead

cooling down

“Stretching doesn’t mean done. There's a lot of team spirit, and it's fun to reflect on the effort we all brought. The coach always takes time to answer questions about making your workout go further, like the best time of day to load up on carbs.”

explore the science

With 12 weeks of progressive, daily-written programming, this guided class is designed so that you can work towards your goals and train every day, without the risk of injury. 
When you combine cardio and strength, aerobic and anaerobic pathways work together to create significant changes in body composition (in other words, body fat).
Not only is exercise a massive confidence booster, but you’ll notice improvements in overall mood and ability to manage stress, thanks to the natural hormone production that occurs. 
Heart rate zones tell us how hard your heart is working and what energy source you’re using, so you can understand exactly how much fat you’re burning. 
Exercise stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormone that, once released from the pituitary gland, tells the body to increase bone, muscle and tissue production, and targets body fat for hours after working out. 
Building relationships and being part of a community that is working towards the same goal encourages you to stay engaged for longer, enabling bigger and better results. 

Explore the moves

A Life Time member in a squat position holding dumbbells.
A Life Time member performing a dumbbell deadlift.
A Life Time member holding a front-racked squat.
A Life Time member holding two dumbbells and doing a hammer curl.
A Life Time member holding two dumbbells on an incline bench.
A Life Time member walking on an incline treadmill.
A Life Time Member running on a treadmill.
A Life Time member holding two dumbbells above their shoulders.
A Life Time member on the floor lifting up one leg and reaching with the opposite arm.
A Life Time Member on a treadmill holding on to the bars.
A Life Time member on one knee and holding a dumbbell overhead.

Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat

This move is all about the legs. Prepare to power up your quads, glutes and hamstrings, while improving strength, stability and balance. 

Equipment used
GTX Bench
1 / 11 )

Dumbbell Deadlift

Develop overall strength, improve posture, and increase grip strength while targeting your glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

Equipment used
2 / 11 )

Front-Racked Squat

Target your quads, glutes and core to improve posture, build strength and enhance stability. 

Equipment used
3 / 11 )

Hammer Curl

Feel the burn in your biceps and forearms as you build upper body strength, improve grip and enhance tonal definition. 

Equipment used
4 / 11 )

Incline Bench Press

Build upper body strength (chest, shoulders and triceps, we’re looking at you), improve muscle definition and enhance overall pushing power.

Equipment used
GTX Bench
5 / 11 )

Incline Walk

Heighten calorie burn, improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen leg muscles. Expect a full-leg tone, from the glutes down to the calves.

Equipment used
6 / 11 )


The ultimate stress buster. Run towards improved fitness, while strengthening the lower body and blasting through calories.

Equipment used
7 / 11 )

Neutral Grip Shoulder Press

The ultimate upper body builder targeting shoulders, triceps and back to enhance definition, strength and stability.

Equipment used
8 / 11 )

Single Leg Alternating V-Up

Work towards killer abs with this strengthening move that targets the core, obliques and hip flexors. 

Equipment used
9 / 11 )

Sled Push

Build strength and power, improve speed and overall athletic performance. This move hits the legs, core and upper body. 

Equipment used
10 / 11 )

Dumbbell Woodchop

This move targets the abs, obliques and lower back to strengthen your core, improve rotational power and enhance overall stability.

Equipment used
11 / 11 )

Our Instructors Say

“GTX is hard! But it's approachable and I'm right here with you. I do the thinking so you don't have to, providing you with a balanced blend of heart rate training and different muscle groups across the week.”

Brian P.

Charlotte, NC

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