A male and female cycling in Life Time gear with the ocean in the background

Life Time Partnership Marketing

A bullhorn to engage the crowd. A whisper to influence the individual.

Now you don’t have to choose whether you will talk to massive groups or engage in an intimate conversation with a select few.

Life Time Partnership Marketing lets you do both.

Millions of impressions and multiple channels, but this is the game changer.

We are there when endorphins are high and people are in their most positive state of mind. They see, hear, smell and taste your brand as an elevated experience.

As a multi-channel media company, Life Time Partnership Marketing authentically integrates brands into the lives of a passionately engaged, elite audience.
Connect with our members and non-members across multiple media platforms: award-winning Experience Life® magazine, LTF Vision, and in club with digital signage, posters and banners. Vibrant communities like Run Club, Group Fitness and Yoga let you get even closer through sponsorship and sampling. Our world-renowned athletic events provide numerous creative sponsor opportunities.
No other media company does what we do: deliver outstanding results to best-in-class companies while adding value to our members’ experiences, and your bottom line.
Ready to start the perfect relationship with the perfect audience?
Email Life Time Partnership Marketing at LTMedia@lt.life.

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