A coach watching two adults on an indoor climbing wall

Life Time Rock Climbing

Aim Higher

For adults and kids, get a power boost as you take your workout higher in classes or free climb hours.

Clip In, Belay On

Grab hold of an exhilarating indoor climb supported by encouraging, knowledgeable coaches and top safety standards and equipment.

A man wearing a harness climbing a rockwall

Open Climb

An adrenaline-filled workout complete with auto belays and complimentary gear. Included with most Life Time memberships where available.

Two women and two men sitting together and talking at the base of a rockwall

Climb Club & Events

Meet weekly with fellow members to climb and socialize. Member-run and supported by Life Time. Must be 21+ and be belay certified.

A girl climbing a rockwall with a woman spotting her below

Birthday Parties

Take your kids party to new heights. Ages 5+ can climb, play games and have safe fun. We’ll provide the harnesses, ropes and supervision.

A woman reaching to grab a hold above her while bouldering


An adrenaline-filled workout. Overcome obstacles and refine your skills with routes that create varying levels of difficulty.

A woman gripping a hold on a rockwall

We Provide The Gear

Rope and belay

Rope & Belay

Climbing harness


Expert Climbing Instruction

Our Certified Climbing Instructors teach you and your kids safety and awareness skills, commands, clipping techniques and rope management.

Three Ways to Experience Life Time

Full Club Access

Monthly Membership

Create the ultimate membership that supports you and your family’s healthy lifestyle with our flexible membership options.

Join as a Monthly Member

Full Club Access

One-Day Membership

Our One-Day Membership allows you to soak in all the benefits of a Signature Membership for a day.

Join for a Day


Schedule a Tour

Feel the energy of the club, see the beautiful spaces and discover what makes Life Time unique — with a visit to our athletic resort today.

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