A team of men and women who participate in group training


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Our Training Methods Get Results

A stronger, leaner and healthier you is the goal of every fitness training program at Life Time, from personal training to Pilates to the small group TEAM programs.

A smiling athletic man taking a break from personal training

Personal Training

Set goals and meet them head-on with your newest friend in fitness.

A group of people sitting in a circle, with their feet in the middle.

Group Training

Get results with Group Training. These four programs promise trainer personalization and community support.

A smiling man and woman working out on stair steppers

Lose weight with a program that slims you down and builds you up, one day at a time.

A group of women using a Pilates machine

A powerfully effective program for newcomers and those already on the journey to transformation. Strengthen your core, and every muscle in your body to feel the results.

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