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Amp Cycle

Find Your Rhythm

Let your endorphins run wild in this fun, all-levels cycle class set to the beat of great music and the pounding of your heart.

Group of people in a cycle class


Cardio intensity three out of three


Flexibility intensity zero out of three


Strength intensity one out of three


Indoor Cycling Bike


Water, Cycling Shoes (optional; all bikes have clips or cages that can fit any athletic shoe)


50 minutes


Why it Works

Indoor cycling is a low-impact workout that can boost your stamina and cardiovascular health. Dynamic instructors, energetic music and the camaraderie of fellow cyclists add up to a class designed to motivate and move you — and that will truly make your workout fly by.

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Where it All Happens

Find unique and thoughtfully designed studio spaces all under one roof, all dedicated to building a healthier you.

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