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Play like the pros with world-class facilities, expert instructors and sports clubs that help you level up your skills and pursue your love of the game.

Open Swim

Enjoy designated times for family swim and open lanes. Just check the pool hours to see what’s happening when.

Kids Swim Lessons

Children love to swim, and it’s one of the most important life lessons they can learn. Swimming lessons teach children self-confidence, encourage physical fitness and improve safety in and around water.

Semi-private Lessons

Bring a friend and hop in. Our semi-private lessons offer a 1:2 instructor-to-student ratio to help you improve your swimming quickly and efficiently together.

Group Swim Lessons

Become great in a group. Our 1:6 instructor-to-student ratio will help you improve your technique in a fun group environment — whether you have no swim ability or want to enhance your training.

Kids Swim Clinic

When school’s on break, bring your kids to our Swim Clinic. These 2- to 3-hour clinics are made for kids ages 5–12 and include swim lessons, healthy snacks, water safety skills and fun water sports.

Swim Teams

Open to all abilities and ages 5+, our Swim Team offers weekly practices, specialized training, regular competitions and the chance to win awards. Tryouts may be required.

Adult Masters (Tri) Swimming

Led by highly trained coaches, our Masters or Triathlon Swimming program is for adults looking to improve their technique, get in a great workout or hit their best Tri time.

Adult Private Swim Lessons

Get one-on-one attention with one of our highly trained instructors. Customized to you or your child’s personal needs, goals and confidence level.

Water Aerobics

Take your workout to the pool for low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise. Water creates a natural resistance to help challenge and tone your muscles.


From pickup and leagues to lessons and individualized coaching, everyone’s treated like a pro here.

Open Court

Outside of the pickup schedule and other scheduled on-court events, you can always shoot hoops or find a game of 21, 2-on-2 or even a run of 5-on-5. Let it rain.

Pickup Games

Each club has scheduled pickup play throughout the week for adults, including 18+ and 40+ only games, as well as kids 17 and under and 12 and under. Who's got next?

Basketball Leagues

The largest recreational league in the nation, our premium league experience offers game-day officials, recorded stats and team pages — and a banner for the champion.

Tournaments for Kids and Adults

Register your child for a 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 tournament. Adults can sign up for a National Tournament and play against the best for the championship title.

Training Camps and Progressive-level Training

Sign your child up for monthly camps or mini-camps held by experienced trainers, as well as classes, progressive-level training and private 1:1 coaching.


Don’t just make the team, become the best player on it. Our D1 programming helps ages 16–18 increase explosive strength, speed and movement patterns to prepare for collegiate-level competition.


Available for ages 14 and up, we combine training and nutrition with interview training, tailored recovery programs, supplementation and position-specific coaching for optimal performance in any sport.


Open to teams and individual athletes ages 8 and up, we have customized sports performance training for any sport at every level.


Ages 12–18 will work to improve athletic ability with varsity programming focused on speed, explosiveness and movement.

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