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Dry wood sauna at Life Time
Luxury Amenities

Luxury Amenities at Peachtree Corners

daily indulgence

A locker bay located inside a Life Time

Changing Rooms

Every challenging workout deserves some serenity. Our changing rooms smell good, feel good and look good too. You’ll want to show up early and leave late. 


  • Adult Locker Room
  • Private Showers
  • Family Locker Room


  • Toiletries
  • Hair Dryers
  • Swimsuit Dryers
  • Keyless Lockers


  • Locker Room Attendant
  • Towel Service

Sink vanity inside a locker room at Life Time

Overall Wellbeing

Go beyond the weights and reps for an approach that includes all aspects of your health. There's a time for grit and grind, and a time to just sit and soak it all in.

Lounge & Social

  • Sitting Areas
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Bar / Alcohol Service
  • LifeCafe®

Our members say

“I’ve always struggled to build an exercise routine, but the promise of half an hour in the spa–first the sauna, then the steam, then whirlpool–has helped massively. I’ve learnt the key to routine is reward!”

Janelle T.

Boca Raton, FL

embrace vitality

uncover the secrets of hot and cold therapy

Jumping between the sauna and cold plunge-aka "contrast therapy" feels invigorating and is accompanied by even more physical benefits too.


Closeup of a females face drenched with sweat

Get the radiant look

The heat of the steam room sends nutrients to skin cells and relaxes facial muscles, while the cold plunge fights inflammation and minimizes pores. Want luminous skin? Do both!


Woman wearing a white bathing suit kneeling near an indoor pools edge; looking off-camera

Muscular Relief & Recovery

Warmth helps to relax muscles and release tension, while the cold plunge reduces inflammation and curbs muscle soreness, creating an ideal environment for quicker muscle recovery.

Large wooden dry sauna


Sweating it out in the steam room helps your body clear out toxins, while the cold plunge gives your lymphatic system a nudge to rid itself of waste. Leave the club feeling lighter, with a spring in your step.

Peaceful portrait of a young beautiful woman floating on the sea and enjoying the relaxed sensation of the moment

Immune System Boost

The mix of hot and cold amps up the production of white blood cells, giving your immune system the boost it needs to fight off unwanted intruders.

* Services and Amenities vary by location

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Indoor cold plunge pool at the Life Time Scottsdale Fashion Square club location
Luxury Amenities
Luxury Amenities
A clean and organized fitness floor with digital signage screens overhead showcasing a Life Time logo
Workout Floor
Workout Floor
A Life Time Dynamic Personal Trainer providing support while a participant holds a medicine ball up over her head
Dynamic Personal Training
Dynamic Personal Training
Alpha boutique group training class featuring a man lifting a barbell
Signature Group Training
Signature Group Training
Flow yoga class participants in varying poses at Life Time
A pickleball player about to hit the ball
Aerial view of two people playing tennis on an outdoor tennis court
Portrait of a young girl smiling with tumbling mats behind her
Kids & Family
Kids & Family
Beautiful senior woman having pilates class on performer machine with instructor

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