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Dynamic and challenging Vinyasa-style class that synchronizes the breath with movement and builds strength with continuous flow. Students are empowered to flow at their own pace.

Flow (Vinyasa) at Des Moines

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It’s a wild dance, a feeling of complete freedom as you lose yourself in the movement yet find yourself in the moment. 

Group of six people in varying yoga poses at a flow yoga class
Experience Level
Class Length
60 Minutes
What to Bring
Yoga mat, if you have one
Three people in varying poses at a Life Time flow yoga class


The Sanskrit word meaning “to move in a special way,” this fast-paced class synchronizes movement with breath, calming the mind while the body works up a sweat.

Flow yoga class participants in varying poses at Life Time


Using your breath as an anchor, move through an unguided flow of fast-moving sequences, mind set free, every muscle working.

Woman in eagle arms pose during flow yoga class at Life Time


Physical, yes, but this practice also helps to cultivate self-awareness, strengthen resilience, embrace change, and practice radical self-acceptance.

Flow yoga class instructor Chris Temple at Life Time


“It’s called a 'practice' because it’s an ongoing process of learning and growth.”

just let go

a member’s perspective

“You hear people talk about this feeling of freedom, and this class is where I actually felt it. My mind cleared, body found new things it was capable of, and I just focused on myself, not what the person next to me was doing.”
“I feel the warmth of the studios as I find my spot and get set up for class. We start with a few minutes of meditation. The studio is silent, I tune into myself and let what they call ‘the monkey chatter of the mind’ go.” 
“This is unguided and at first it freaked me out....but in just minutes, I found a groove, and was good to go. I'll be levitating all the way home.”
“The final few minutes are for savasana, which bookends the meditation from the start of class. My body cools down and everything resets as I feel my breath rise and fall in my chest.”

Good to know


Well, practicing in a heated studio can help you stretch deeper, detoxify through sweat, and even boost your flexibility. The heat clears clogged pores and improves complexion too. Hello, post-yoga glow.

Breathe well. Live Longer. 

Historically, yoga practitioners believed we only have a limited number of breaths, so we should make life last longer by taking them slow, deep and long.

It’s a Way of Life 

Beyond physical postures, breath control, and meditation, yoga introduces a unique opportunity for self-study and growth.


Our members say

“Yoga has seeped into everything I do: how I work and relate to others, how I eat and sleep. It’s become part of who I am.”

Kathy J.

Des Moines, IA

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Flow yoga class participants in varying poses at Life Time
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