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Life Barre at Warrenville

Available to All Members

The bar has been raised. Barre is a brilliant way find alignment, strengthen your core, and tone muscles.

Life barre class participant's hand on barre for support at Life Time
Experience Level
All Levels
Class Length
45-60 Minutes
What to Bring
Water bottle, towel
Life barre class participant doing saute jump at Life Time

Grace and Athleticism

Taking cues from ballet, yoga and Pilates, barre classes combine strength training with mindfulness for a targeted full-body workout. The magic is in the micro movements.

Life barre class participants using the barre and body bar at Life Time

Core Strengthening, Muscle Lengthening

High reps of precise, isometric moves on and off the barre that engage muscles in a way that squats, lunges and sit-ups can’t.

Life barre class participants with arms raised at Life Time

Leave an inch taller

Get the long, lean dancer look as you strengthen your core and improve alignment, all while toning and elongating.

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“The end of class is more important than the start. When you feel discomfort, that is your body changing in positive ways.”


a member’s perspective

"The instructor greets me at the door with her hair in a bun, and I feel as if I've been transported back to my kindergarten ballet class. I know I won't be joining the American Ballet Company, but for the next 45 minutes I can indulge in the same fluttering excitement I had all those years ago."
"I grab a light set of weights, the red squishy ball, and find my place at the barre. Safe to say I’ve forgotten everything from my ballet days but the instructor makes me feel comfortable with starting from scratch."
"We work through more intricate moves, targeting muscles I didn't even know existed. The barre quiver is real. Whilst squeezing and pulsing, I'm quickly reminded that we get to do it all over again on the other side. From the naked eye, it looks like we're barely moving, but let me tell you, the smaller the movement, the bigger the muscle shake."
"After all the moves are done, I lean forward on the barre to get that deep stretch. I know I'll be feeling these muscles for the next few days."

Good to know


These classes are all about small but super-precise movements that make your muscles work so hard, they'll quiver.

Did you know?

The word "Ballet" originates from French, literally meaning "to dance around a little."

Ever hearD of Lotte Berk? 

Lotte was a ballerina who injured her back and had to go to rehab. She began to combine ballet moves with her rehabilitation exercises, and thus Barre was born.


Our members say

“I walk into that class 5’4. I walk out 5’6, feeling like I can do anything.”

Charlie A.

Warrenville, IL

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Life Time Classes sponsored by Hydro Flask, Ten Thousand, and LSKD

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