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MB360 at Charlotte

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Transcend the physical. Challenge the questions you ask and the way you think. Engage in the design of your own life.

Experience Level
All Levels
Class Length
60 - 75 Minutes
What to Bring
Water bottle, towel

infinite potential
MB360 boutique group training class members with a dumbbell raised overhead
Life Time member in profile at a MB360 boutique group training class
MB360 boutique group training class with two members congratulating each other


An innovative integration of functional strength training, cardio conditioning and yoga mobility, rooted in self-development.

MB360 boutique group training member in bear position with their arm extended


Your mat is your life’s laboratory, where you tune into your body and tap into your mind. Go deeper, let go and challenge yourself to improve mental health and physical performance.

Life Time members in motion at a MB360 boutique group training class


Beyond strength and endurance, this class shifts  your mindset into growth mode and creates space for a happier, more mindful way of life.

Life Time members in motion at a MB360 boutique group training class


Weekly programming means you can take this class throughout the week without overtraining: total body conditioning on Monday, lower body strength on Tuesday, full-body conditioning on Wednesday, upper body and core on Thursday, Tabata on Friday and endurance on Sunday.


a member’s story

“From the start, this class was different. I came for a workout, and while it is a movement practice, it has also become this space to slow down and listen to my own thoughts.”

Life Time member laying on their mat at the end of a MB360 boutique group training class

Getting started

“You start lying on the floor with Jessie asking questions, and even with a full class, it feels like a 1:1 conversation. I become aware of the body I’m in and start to move. There’s a full body shake out, I let go physically, and the stress just evaporates.”

MB360 boutique group training class member readying for a weighted squat

the main event

“The music and energy amp up and blood starts to pump. There’s no messing around. Weight vests. Ankle weights. Every movement is next level. Every muscle used to the point of fatigue.”

MB360 boutique group training members warming up before the class

cooling down

“It all comes full circle as we wind down. I realize I’m in tune with my own intuition, which feels more important then ever in today’s fast-paced, high-stress, tech-driven AI world. It can be hard to know how to be yourself and show up in an authentic way, this class helps with that.”

Life Time member smiling after a MB360 boutique group training class

Ready for More

“I walk out of there more grounded and optimistic about what’s possible in this world, and how I want to show up in my life.”

explore the science

By strengthening the mind-body connection in the studio, you're better equipped to navigate the physical and emotional challenges of daily life in the outside world.
Weightlifting helps to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. What does this mean? A toned, defined physique and improved body composition. 
Strength and conditioning training targets all 360° of the body and will help you move towards better posture, alignment and balance. 
Start and end every class with free-flowing movement to release the soft connective tissues in the body known as fascia. This fascial reset means that you’ll walk out of practice feeling elevated, empowered and energized.
Not only will you become stronger, but mobility work will improve the way you move and feel, building a solid foundation for your stability and posture.
Weekly programming means that you can take this class seven days a week without overtraining: total body conditioning on Monday, lower body strength on Tuesday, full-body conditioning on Wednesday, and so on, straight through to Sunday.
Every class begins with Solfeggio sound healing. Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific tones which can be used to elicit either a mental or physical response.

Explore the moves

A Life Time member in a bear pose on a yoga mat.
A Life Time member holding a piston pose with arms stretched out while on a yoga mat.
A Life Time member holding a brooklyn plank on a yoga mat.
A Life Time member on one knee and holding a dumbbell.
A Life Time member squatting on a yoga mat.
A Life Time member wearing a weighted vest while holding a lateral shoot pose.
A Life Time member standing while raising their arms overhead and looking upward.
A Life Time member lunging on one knee on a yoga mat.
A Life Time member doing a scorpion back bend.
A Life Time member lunging while holding a prayer pose.
A Life Time member wearing a weighted vest while on one knee.
A Life Time member in a supine butterfly pose on a yoga mat.
A Life Time member standing on a yoga mat and holding a dumbbell overhead.


Build shoulder stability, core strength and refocus the mind with this total body strengthener.

Equipment used
1 / 13 )


Release tension through the wrists, shoulders and upper back. Build mental resilience as you work on hip, knee, and ankle mobility. 

Equipment used
2 / 13 )


Otherwise known as the Forearm Tricep Pushup, this move will strengthen your core, upper back and triceps, while improving overall upper body stability and breath control. 

Equipment used
3 / 13 )

Dumbbell Kneeling Woodchop

Work on lower body stability, increase thoracic mobility and strengthen rotational core. This move can be challenging, so prepare to wave goodbye to any self doubt. 

Equipment used
Weighted Vest
4 / 13 )

Kneeling Jump Squat

Enhance athletic performance by developing explosive lower body power and strength, directing all your focus to the glutes.

Equipment used
5 / 13 )

Lateral Shoot

Improve coordination, enhance body synergy and boost cardiovascular endurance with this full body movement pattern.

Equipment used
Weighted Vest
6 / 13 )


Energize the body, sharpen mental focus and engage in total body awareness as you climb to the top of that metaphorical peak.

Equipment used
7 / 13 )

Rock & Roll Kneeling Lunge

Gently massage your back while working on ankle and hip mobility. This movement will slow things down and help connect mind to body. 

Equipment used
8 / 13 )

Scorpion Roll Back Bend

Create more flexibility in your spine as you bend, and improve glute and core strength as you find balance. This heart opener will create more space in the shoulders and chest too.

Equipment used
9 / 13 )

Hip Up Kneeling Lunge

Improve hip mobility and single leg balance as you find stability through your core. 

Equipment used
10 / 13 )

Stutter Lunge Jump Squat

Power up the lower body and improve cardiovascular fitness. This move is all about the glutes.

Equipment used
Weighted Vest (optional)
11 / 13 )

Supine Butterfly

This hip opener grounds you in the present and opens up the heart; enhancing flexibility, improving circulation and alleviating lower back tension.

Equipment used
12 / 13 )

Single Arm Dumbbell Squat to Press

Challenge unilateral core stability and cardiovascular output with this total body compound strength movement.

Equipment used
Weighted Vest
13 / 13 )

Our Instructors Say

“We’re here to help build a relationship between body and mind, through self-care and movement, shifting not only your body, but how you show up to your relationships, your job, your life.”

Jessie S.

Charlotte, NC

MB360 Faqs

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