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At Home Workouts

Looking to mix things up? Discover a wide variety of workouts you can do at home in as little as six minutes. You don’t need a lot of equipment — or a lot of space — to keep living healthy wherever you are.

Woman doing a squat with only bodyweight.

Body-Weight Workouts

All you need is you to complete these multi-benefit, easy-to-learn body-weight workouts.

Woman running outside up a mountain.

Featured Workout

The Hill-Run Workout

Take hill repeats to a whole new level

This high-intensity cardio workout improves endurance, builds leg strength and burns fat.

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Deal Yourself In

Refresh your routine with a simple deck of cards

Introducing the deck-of-cards workout. Are you willing to play the hand you’re dealt?

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The Minimalist Workout

Get a high-intensity workout in just 30 minutes

Work all your major muscle groups, get your heart pounding and clear your head.

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3 Yin Poses for New Yogis

Put them together for a short but sweet flow

Three restorative poses that improve mobility and promote calm and relaxation.

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Chair Yoga

Yoga for everyone, anywhere

Three spine-strengthening poses that improve posture and relieve hip and lower-back pain.

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3 Yoga Poses for Recovery

Try some new moves after your next workout

These essential poses will engage your core, stretch your spine and challenge your balance.

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The Countdown Workout

Got ten minutes? Try this do-anywhere workout.

Develop “relative strength,” the ability to move your body through space quickly and efficiently.

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The 10-Minute Office Workout

Enjoy a quick workout from your home office

Build strength while keeping your energy high, your mood positive and your focus strong.

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Workday Workouts

Squeeze in activity with these mini-workouts 

Choose from a variety of moves that will keep your body engaged all day long.

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The 30-Minute Walking Workout

Up the ante on your next walk

Transform your walk into a full-body workout with quick bursts of body weight intervals.

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Build Your Backside

Strengthen your posterior chain

Improve your posture and boost your athletic performance with this two-month program.

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Hip-Flexor Stretches for Mobility

TLC for your hips

Boost strength, flexibility and range of motion with these three hip-strengthening moves.

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Shadowboxing Cardio Workout

This workout packs a punch

Learn how to combine jabs, crosses and hooks for a high-intensity shadowboxing circuit.

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The Barre Basics Workout

No barre? A sturdy chair will do.

Three keystone barre exercises to improve coordination, muscle endurance and core strength.

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Two people in push up position with dumbbells.

Equipment-Based Workouts

Workouts you can do anywhere using basic exercise equipment, complete with step-by-step instructions.

Man holding a straight arm plank.

Featured Workout

Jump Around: A Plyometric Workout

Boost your metabolism and add pep to your step

This plyometric workout harnesses the age-defying benefits of explosive movements.

Equipment needed: medicine ball, strong wall

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The Push-Pull Workout

Possibly the most balanced workout ever

Even out your pushes and pulls with three fat-burning, muscle-building supersets.

Equipment needed: dumbbells, kettlebell (optional)

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The 6-Minute Sweat Workout

A workout designed with the time-crunched in mind

These minimalist strength and conditioning blasts will work your body head-to-toe.

Equipment needed: dumbbells

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The Resistance-Band Workout

Get a full-body workout in 20 minutes or less

A lightning-fast strength-training circuit for everyone from beginners to elite athletes.

Equipment needed: resistance band

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Superband Strong

Practical meets powerful in this full-body workout

A light- or medium-resistance band is all you need for this take-anywhere workout.

Equipment needed: resistance band

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The Dumbbell-Complex Workout

Back-to-back dumbbell exercises to build strength

This workout is guaranteed to leave you sweating, breathing hard and feeling strong.

Equipment needed: dumbbells

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The 20-Minute Kettlebell Workout

A functional workout for your whole body

Use your kettlebell to get stronger, leaner and more powerful in record time.

Equipment needed: kettlebell

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The No-Swing Kettlebell Workout

A kettlebell circuit built for strength

Develop functional strength for everyday life with the versatile kettlebell.

Equipment needed: kettlebell

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The Three Bears Kettlebell Circuit

All you need are three kettlebells and ten minutes

A heart-pumping, fat burning circuit using light, medium and heavy weights.

Equipment needed: three kettlebells ranging from light to heavy

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Body-Weight Training

Put the levers of your body to work

How to get a challenging circuit workout in just 45 minutes with minimal equipment.

Equipment needed: waist-height bar, high bar

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The Jump-Rope HIIT Workout

A high-intensity workout that’s just plain fun  

Burn fat and boost endurance with beginning- and advanced-level workouts.

Equipment needed: jump rope

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How to Stay Fit at Any Age

This low-impact workout is a great pick-me-up

Build strength, balance, agility and confidence with this all-ages routine.

Equipment needed: kettlebell, resistance band, stability ball (optional)

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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Core

Learn “anti-moves” for crunch-free training

Tired of sit-ups? Try this multilayered approach to building a strong, functional core.

Equipment needed: resistance band, dumbbells, kettlebells (optional), stability ball (optional)

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The Cardio Challenge

A HIIT routine that reimagines the treadmill jog

Burn fat and build endurance with alternating incline sprint and recovery segments.

Equipment needed: treadmill

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Exercises for Lower-Back Pain

Get back to doing the things you love

Get serious about alleviating your lower-back pain with this robust three-day program.

Equipment needed: foam roller, resistance band, suspension trainer, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbell, stability ball, pull-up bar, dip machine, wall or chair, step or box

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