Aim Higher

For adults and kids, get a power boost as you take your workout higher in classes or free climb hours.

A coach watching two adults on an indoor climbing wall

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Clip In, Belay On

Grab hold of an exhilarating indoor climb supported by encouraging, knowledgeable coaches and top safety standards and equipment.

A man wearing a harness climbing a rockwall

Open Climb

An adrenaline-filled workout complete with auto belays and complimentary gear. Included with most Life Time memberships where available.

Two women and two men sitting together and talking at the base of a rockwall

Climb Club & Events

Meet weekly with fellow members to climb and socialize. Member-run and supported by Life Time. Must be 21+ and be belay certified.

A girl climbing a rockwall with a woman spotting her below

Birthday Parties

Take your kids party to new heights. Ages 5+ can climb, play games and have safe fun. We’ll provide the harnesses, ropes and supervision.

A woman reaching to grab a hold above her while bouldering


An adrenaline-filled workout. Overcome obstacles and refine your skills with routes that create varying levels of difficulty.

A woman gripping a hold on a rockwall

We Provide The Gear

Climbing shoes


Rope and belay

Rope & Belay

Climbing harness


Expert Climbing Instruction

Our Certified Climbing Instructors teach you and your kids safety and awareness skills, commands, clipping techniques and rope management.

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Experience Life Time

Come in, try a class, explore the amenities, discover your new place.

*Offer expires May 23, 2019. Offer not valid at Life Time Bridgewater or Greenway. Other exclusions apply.