Group Training

Two different, yet equally powerful programs, GTX and Alpha offer structure, the support of a community and the close attention of a coach.

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Foundational and Transformational

For those looking for place to start with the opportunity to progress. GTX combines cardio, strength training and nutrition to help you lose weight, grow strong and find confidence. It’s a great foundation on how to live healthier.

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Focus on new routines and healthy habits in this foundational program. Work through cardio and strength training circuits. Begin to make small lifestyle changes for real results.

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Go beyond the basics with body-changing cardio conditioning and advanced strength training to tone and transform.

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     Strong and Fierce 

For the athletic competitor who seeks constant challenge. If your idea of success has evolved from pounds on a scale to pounds you can press and a new personal best, Alpha has an option for you.

A man and a woman hold weights above their heads with their right arms while extending their left arms out to the side in a T shape
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Train in this high-intensity, insanely effective fat-torching program. Build maximal cardiovascular and muscular endurance while sculpting your body.

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Olympic lifting, strength training and athletic movement deliver results at the highest level. Face — and crush — constant challenges in your pursuit of athletic excellence.

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Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.