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Dynamic Personal Training at Palm Valley

Available to All Members

Personal training completely reimagined as an engaging, all-encompassing form of coaching that helps you go further than you ever thought possible.

Good For
A personalized 24/7 lifestyle solution.
If You Love
Working out smarter for greater results in a shorter amount of time.
Get Ready To
Be supported, challenged and coached to succeed.
What to Bring
An attitude that's ready to work.
A Life Time Dynamic Personal Trainer providing support while a participant holds a medicine ball up over her head
A male Dynamic Personal Trainer holding the ankles of a member while she completes a core exercise on a bosu ball
A male Life Time Dynamic Personal Trainer providing assistance while a participant completes a chest press using dumbbells


A revolutionary workout using hands-on techniques that can’t be replicated independently,–combined with customized nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you obtain transformative results. 

A Life Time Dynamic Personal Trainer assisting a member during a training session


Gone are the days of one hour a week, 1:1 with a trainer. Build the foundations of a healthy way of life with our monthly program rooted in science and brought to life by experts.

New Member Exclusive

Complimentary Session with a Trainer

Unlock results with a personalized hour with a Dynamic Personal Trainer. Select the session of your choice: create a plan via a consultative Goal Setting Session or break a sweat with an Intro to Dynamic Personal Training Session.

Intro to Dynamic Personal Training

A female Life Time Dynamic Personal Trainer pulling on an athletic band wrapped around a participants waist


Whatever your goals, you’ll work through a warm-up, the workout, stretching and recovery. It’s not just functional, free weights, cardio or athletics, it's everything combined into a personalized, precisely engineered workout.

It’s Revolutionary 

we’ve mastered the art of coaching

All great transformations start with questions. Why are you here? What do you want to change? What do you want to achieve? Followed by more questions on nutrition, sleep quality and stress levels.

A male trainer training a male client with battle ropes.


Beautiful, premium spaces with a whole host of science-backed equipment and diagnostic tests to establish a baseline and put you on the path to optimal health. Trust in the science.

A Life Time Dynamic Personal Trainer adjusting a woman's form as she balances while completing a plank on an exercise ball


Integrate and leverage resources outside of your workouts such as metabolic testing, blood work, hot and cold treatments, recovery modalities and a variety of other optimization tools.

A Life Time Dynamic Personal Trainer helping man with resistance band


Together, we’ll consider stress management, nutrition, hydration and sleep. What’s going on mentally, between your brain and body? How does food impact feelings? What’s holding you back emotionally and keeping you from pursuing your best self?

A nutrient dense herb crested cod meal


It’s never just about the workout. It’s the pre-and-post-workout check ins, the constant line of communication, the personalized advice on all aspects of health. When you succeed, we succeed.

Our members say

“I was pre-diabetic and didn’t realize what was going on in my body. My trainer took the time to get to know me, basically inside out and we made changes I couldn’t do by myself. Humble brag, but I’ve had crazy results. I feel great but won’t lie, I love when people tell me how good I look.”

Torii K.

Palm Valley, AZ


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Luxury Amenities
Luxury Amenities
A clean and organized fitness floor with digital signage screens overhead showcasing a Life Time logo
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Workout Floor
A Life Time Dynamic Personal Trainer providing support while a participant holds a medicine ball up over her head
Dynamic Personal Training
Dynamic Personal Training
Alpha boutique group training class featuring a man lifting a barbell
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