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Rock Climbing at South Tulsa

Available to All Members

Defy gravity and rise to the challenge of ascending up a 30-foot indoor rock wall.

Good For
Getting the family active, diversifying your exercise routine, and for those seeking an exhilarating challenge.
If You Love
Challenging yourself to reach new heights.
Get Ready To
Climb higher than ever before.
What to Bring
Rock Climbing shoes if you have them, but tennis shoes are just fine.


Two people in harnesses climbing on an indoor rock wall.

Come in through the gym, to work on your climbing skills and get a good workout. We’ve got the gear.

Available to all members
Indoor rock climbing wall

This is rock climbing stripped down to its bare essentials: no ropes or harnesses, just you and some mats on the floor. Climb short, but challenging “problems” using strength, technique, balance and brain power.

Available to all members
A smiling kid in a harness climbing on a rock wall

Learn this foundational skill that uses a rope system (auto-belay or partner ropes) to safeguard climbers in the event of a fall. System varies by club.

Available to all members
A close-up of a child climbing on an indoor rock wall.

Date night is kids fun night. Adults go one way and kid’s climb the walls. Plus, there’s pizza.

Available to all members
Person in harness climb up an indoor rock climbing wall while an instructor looks on.

Progressive, curriculum-led climbing classes led by certified instructors teach safety and awareness skills, commands and clipping techniques, with the goal to climb more challenging routes and improve skills.

Junior membership required
fees apply
A smiling child in a harness climbing on a rock wall while two other smiling people watch.

Take fun to new heights! We’re happy to host birthdays, boy scouts, girl scouts, sports teams and everyone. We have everything you need–harnesses, ropes, supervision–so that you can focus on climbing, games and having a good (safe) time.

Junior membership required
fees apply


for the climbing curious

The secret is out. Bouldering is now an Olympic sport and people are catching on to all the benefits is delivers.

Woman climbing on climbing wall at gym


Rock climbing is all about planning, decision-making, reacting, coordinating, and balancing, which plays a huge role in sharpening the mind and improving our ability to make decisions.

A man climbing and indoor climbing wall


The body benefits of climbing are impressive. You’ll work arms, legs, core, and very quickly, see muscle definition that will astound you.

take it to the top

Good to know


As you might imagine, rock climbing has ancient roots, with evidence of climbing activities dating back thousands & thousands of years. Back then, it was practiced for practical purposes like hunting and gathering, as well as for religious rituals.


Yep, so have we. Free soloing is a style of climbing where climbers ascend without ropes or protective gear. It's the most dangerous form of climbing and requires an extraordinary level of skill and mental discipline.


Rock climbing is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It's not uncommon to see climbers in their 60s and 70s scaling rock with the same enthusiasm as younger climbers.


In the great outdoors, climbers often follow strict ethical guidelines, such as minimizing chalk use, avoiding damaging holds, and respecting the environment. Looking after the planet means preserving nature’s playground.


Rock Climbing Faqs

Our members say

“Don’t laugh. I saw Free Solo, and was so inspired. I’ve been here every week, since.”

Julie K.

South Tulsa, OK

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