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Alpha at Miami at The Falls

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It's a competitive mindset. The pride of accomplishment and desire for strength. It's how you live, how you think. It's morning intention. It's evening peace.

Experience Level
Class Length
45-60 Minutes
What to Bring
Water bottle, towel

competitive grit
Alpha class member mastering an overhead press
Alpha class member stretching in spinal twist position
Alpha class member working out with battle rope


Olympic style strength training with advanced cardio and metabolic conditioning for results that affect the mental, spiritual and social aspects of health.

Alpha class participant jumping on to a plyo box


Push through barriers with box jumps, ball slams and kettlebells.  Lose your breath on treadmills, rowers and bikes. Every precisely engineered, science-backed WOD is different, but always fun.

Alpha class instructor encouraging class member on stationary bike


A progressive approach that avoids overtraining, injury and plateaus. Add a coach who pushes performance, creates community and provides lifestyle support? Boom. Success.

Alpha class member squatting next to a medicine ball


With 12 weeks of progressive, daily programming, this class is designed so that you can work toward your goals and train every day without the risk of injury. Simply choose between two formats (Strength or Conditioning), turn up with a can-do attitude, and we'll get you where you want to be.


A Member's Story

People call me crazy. I'm ok with that. They also call me strong AF, which is even better.

Alpha class participant working out with a kettlebell

different day, different zone

“There's a weekly schedule, but every day is a different workout, targeting a muscle group and heart rate zone.”

Alpha class camaraderie after class


“This is what I look forward to. A workout that challenges me and people (who I now call friends) that inspire me.”

Alpha class participants with weights in class


"Clever programming means I can train every day without risking injury. After warming up, we dive right into full-body strength or conditioning. The moves and level of intensity change, but the hands-on guidance and attention of the coach are constant."

Alpha class participants high five after working out


"The cool down is key. We stretch out and talk about what we just accomplished. Coach says something that keeps us inspired and there's always some nutrition talk. After class, most of us head to the sauna to talk about life."

explore the science

With 12 weeks of progressive, daily-written programming, this class is designed so that you can work towards your goals and train every day, without the risk of injury. 
Lifting heavy weights places the good kind of stress on muscles, which eventually makes you stronger and your muscles bigger. Not only will your newfound strength enhance overall physical performance, but it will make daily activities easier. 
Weight-bearing exercise stimulates bone growth and increases bone density. Regular weightlifting can help prevent age-related bone loss and even reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 
Cardio isn’t always king when it comes to weight management and fat loss. An intense weightlifting session can blast calories and boost your metabolism, giving your body more natural fat-burning capacity even at rest. 
Barbell exercises demand explosive power. We’re looking at you, the clean & jerk. Mastering these moves will improve your ability to generate force quickly, making you better at other activities like sprinting, jumping and throwing. 
Regular weightlifting can have positive effects on mental health,  reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, boosting self-esteem and body image, and improving overall mood and cognitive function.

Explore the moves

A Life Time member holding battle ropes for an Alpha class.
A Life Time member riding an assault stationary bike.
A Life Time member jumping rope in an Alpha class.
A Life Time member squatting with kettlebells in an Alpha class.
A Life Time member doing a skate glide in an Alpha class.
A Life Time member lifting kettlebells in an Alpha class.
A Life Time member doing a pushup.
A Life Time member doing a barbell back squat.
A Life Time member doing a clean and jerk holding a barbell.
A Life Time member jumping off a plyo box in an Alpha class.
A Life Time member jumping rope in an Alpha class.
A Life Time member holding a dumbbell overhead with one arm.
A Life Time member lifting a kettlebell in an Alpha class.
A Life Time member doing a pullup with a pullup bar.

Alternating Battle Ropes

This power move will improve cardiovascular endurance while building upper body and core strength.

Equipment used
Battle Ropes
1 / 14 )

Assault Bike

Target the entire body with aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, build muscular endurance, and pedal your way to mental toughness.

Equipment used
Assault Bike
2 / 14 )

Jump Rope

A cardio classic that will improve fitness and burn calories all while strengthening your legs, core and coordination.

Equipment used
Jump Rope
3 / 14 )

Dual KB Front Rack Squat

Get quads, glutes, and hamstrings of steel, while improving core and upper body stability by holding kettlebells in the front rack position.

Equipment used
4 / 14 )


Improve cardiovascular fitness, agility, and leg strength as you engage your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Glide your way to better balance and coordination.

Equipment used
5 / 14 )

Kettlebell Gorilla Row

Target back muscles (we’re looking at you lats and rhomboids) while engaging your core and improving posture, grip capabilities and general upper body strength. Simple but challenging when done right. Build strength, improve grip capabilities and enhance overall body control while targeting the lats, biceps, shoulders and core. 

Equipment used
6 / 14 )


Work multiple muscle groups at once with this upper body icon that builds strength and muscular endurance. Feel the burn in your chest, shoulders, triceps and core. 

Equipment used
7 / 14 )

Barbell Back Squat

Enhance core strength, stability and overall body power by focusing on your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

Equipment used
Weight Racks
8 / 14 )

Clean & Jerk

Get major muscle groups working in the legs, back and core to improve power, strength and overall athleticism.

Equipment used
Squat Rack
9 / 14 )

Box Jump Overs

Boost power, agility, and cardio endurance while putting your calves, quads, and hamstrings through their paces.

Equipment used
Plyo Boxes
10 / 14 )

Jump Rope Double Under

Take your skipping up a level to improve coordination, fitness and lower body muscular endurance.

Equipment used
Jump Rope
11 / 14 )

Dumbbell Snatch

Through constant core engagement, you’ll boost power, speed and coordination while developing hamstrings, glutes, back, shoulders and arms. 

Equipment used
12 / 14 )

Kettlebell Swing

Find your explosive power, strengthen your core and improve cardiovascular endurance. You’ll feel this move in the glutes and hamstrings too. 

Equipment used
13 / 14 )


Simple but challenging when done right. Build strength, improve grip capabilities and enhance overall body control while targeting the lats, biceps, shoulders and core. 

Equipment used
Squat Rack
Pullup Bar
14 / 14 )

Our Instructors Say

“Alpha challenges you both mentally & physically and ultimately molds you into the best version of yourself. It’s a mindset that allows you to tap into your strongest self and do things you never thought would be possible.”

Jamie F.

Miami at The Falls, FL

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