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Close view of a female child holding tennis balls on an outdoor tennis court
Kids Sports

Kids Sports at Flatirons

Junior Membership Required

As you hear them hoot and holler, watching them run and play, you'll feel a positive rush of parental pride.


Close view of a female child holding a basketball above her head aiming at the basket

game changing

Sure, they learn skills like forehands and free throws, but the confidence they develop and teamwork skills they gain are just as valuable.

A group of children playing tennis on an outdoor tennis court


Athletic, fun and professional, they love what they do and take the time to teach the game, making sure your kid always feels like they’re winning.

A young child holding a basketball above their head


It’s a slam dunk in skill improvement with top-tier camps, progressive classes, and one-on-one coaching. Head to the open court to put your skills to the test in a family-friendly game of HORSE.

  • Junior Membership Required
  • Fees Apply
  • Ages 6+


  • 60 minutes

Parent Status

  • Parents remain on site


  • Reserve spot online

Our members say

"Our kids enjoy their time away from us (honest truth!) with someone 'good' teaching them how to play, and then we have a lot of fun practicing together."

Sheri T.

Flatirons, CO


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