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Dynamic Stretch & Recovery

Dynamic Stretch & Recovery at Flatirons

Available to All Members

The benefits are endless- and crucial to keeping you strong, flexible and healthy. Book a session with a Certified Stretch Specialists or discover amazing new technology in welcoming new recovery spaces.

Good For
Got a body? This is for you.
If You Love
Feeling better, faster recovery, and less tightness & fatigue.
Get Ready To
Stretch with an expert and discover the new favorite part of your workout.
What to Bring
We’ve got everything you need and more.

Dynamic Stretch

A Life Time Dynamic Stretch personal trainer stretching a man's neck
A Life Time Dynamic Stretch personal trainer using a hyperice massager on a woman's back while she lies on a table
A Life Time Dynamic Stretch personal trainer helping stretch a females shoulder while she lies on a table

what if you could just feel better in your body?

Imagine moving and living with increased flexibility, reduced muscle pain and an improved range of motion. Stretching well means living well.

A Life Time Dynamic Stretch personal trainer helping stretch a woman's arm while she lies on a table

It’s More than stretch

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a want-to-stay-active grandpa, or a mom carrying kids plus all their equipment, a stretching routine helps keep muscles and joints flexible, strong and healthy. Fees Apply.


Your New Favorite Place

Come discover the place where recovery happens. It's easy to make this essential part of wellness the most enjoyable part of your routine. The most advanced modalities, all Included in your membership, just a simple click on the app.

A Life Time personal training using a Hyperice massager on a member's leg during a dynamic stretch session

Percussive tools

Tools like Hypervolts increase range of motion and flexibility, help eliminate knots and relieve muscle tension, and break up tissue to get blood flowing.

Close up of a Normatec boot on a member's leg during a dynamic stretch session at Life Time


Once used exclusively for the world’s best athletes, this dynamic air compression technology utilizes science-backed research to provide a restorative massage to relieve pain and revive muscles.

cRYo lounge

An advanced recovery chair with hot and cold zones targets soreness, minor aches and pains. Take 20 minutes of pure relaxation to close your eyes, meditate or catch up on a book.

Close up of a Hydro massage chair at Life Time

Hydro massage

Innovative water massage technology eases muscle tension, stimulates circulation and gives you time for yourself. Some call it therapy, we call it pure bliss.

A Life Time Personal Trainer stretching a member's leg during a dynamic stretch session


Bodies work best when bones, muscles and nerves are strong, aligned and working together. Discover the root causes of pain, imbalance or weakness and create a treatment plan to restore, maintain and optimize activity.

Our Members Say

“I’m an adrenaline junkie, constantly moving, trying to push and improve my game. My body doesn’t recover like it used to, so I know I have to be here, but guess what? This and the sauna are my favorite parts of the day.”

Chris M.

Overland, KS


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